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XIII Remake will be released tomorrow

XIII Remake Currency Top Up In 2003 Ubisoft's action game was quite dusty as the XIII became unique with graphics and gameplay solutions not seen before. Success didn’t even lag behind but compared to that the franchise never got a sequel. He will also receive the remake only tomorrow as XIII will be released tomorrow on PC PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

With the power of a modern 3D engine all of the game’s visual elements have been enhanced by a brand-new art direction whilst respecting the original material and its iconic stylish cel-shaded look. XIII’s detailed arsenal is also guaranteed to please the most demanding players and is delivered with gameplay improvements to surprise the veteran gamers familiar with the original game.

You can unravel these mysteries by sneaking and fighting your way through the singleplayer campaign which offers 34 levels that are all faithful to the original game design. Travel from Brighton Beach to army bases and even the Grand Canyon Valley. We can’t promise you’ll be able to blow everything up but it’ll definitely be a sight to behold in the game’s trademark stylized graphics. The original soundtrack and voices will also make a return meaning you can hear David Duchovny as XIII once again. Alternately you can compete in 4 player split-screen battles. That sounds pretty great too.

Here is a small description of the remake of the cult title released 17 years ago offered to us by the Steam page of the title:

“Remake of the cult 2003 FPS originally available for PC PlayStation 2 Cheap XIII Remake Currency Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube.
New artistic direction that fully respects the original work and its iconic cel-shaded animation.
Numerous references to comics: onomatopoeia comics cartoons etc.
Music and voices of the original version.
A story of conspiracies with endless twists.
Varied gameplay with action infiltration and exploration phases.
A breathless 34-level solo campaign.
A brutal arsenal with 15 different weapons to find your memory.
Brutal multiplayer combat. "

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