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WoW Classic: Report of the PvP event on Sulfuron by Kao and Icekei

The evening of Friday, September 20th was very eventful on WoW Classic's PvP Sulfuron server: a huge battle involving nearly 1,000 French-speaking players was held at Stormwind Gates ... Well, almost! We tell you everything from the beginning.

The assault on Sergra Darkthorn organized by Kao and Icekei on WoW Classic finally took place this Friday, September 20 between 20:00 and 22:00. The experience was most memorable, both for the oldest players and the new ones, that's why we want to leave a written record of it.

Everything did not go as planned, but it is a victory despite everything: the community was reunited, met and had fun. That's all that mattered to the organizers! The Role Play aspect of this event was very important to them, as was the pleasure the participants would take, and the second part being a success, the event was one too. The RP is simply postponed!
As originally planned, a mini-film was shot throughout the evening and recapitulates wonderfully the atmosphere that prevailed in each of the two factions. He deserves a look, congratulations to Sombrero for his outstanding work!

Finally, the RP event originally organized by Kao and Icekei took a different and rather unpredictable turn. Even if in the end few people have really been able to fight, the social experience is remarkable and is in the spotlight of both the players who participated and the organizers. The community of WoW has been able to regroup to have a good time, even going so far as to get into the heart of ZEvent!

Stormwind will not have burned this Friday, September 20, unlike the Sulfuron server for which Blizzard probably had to use some extinguishers as it was overheating, which would be a shame for a server named ingots created since the magma- even, let's face it!

WoW's PvP is still alive, players love it (on Classic at least), we've seen it, and it's a great point.

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