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WoW Classic: Clarification of pending penalties for layering abuse

Blizzard does not take the cheat lightly, including on a recessed game of the past such as WoW Classic. Players who have abused the pending layering have been fiercely defended by part of the community, and Blizzard has chosen to clarify his vision of what is or is not a bug exploit.

While we revealed to you this Monday, September 16th, 2019 the existence of a bug allowing the players of WoW Classic of farm with repetition and with simplicity certain creatures (boss or trash) in the process and in raid, Blizzard chose to clarify his vision of what is bug exploitation or not. The announcement of upcoming sanctions for players who abused this bug has indeed fueled many derogatory comments, and the community was divided between pro and anti-cheat.

Dooooonc, since I see many confusions (here and elsewhere), here is the way we delimit the line between what is a wrong bug exploitation and a "happy little incident".

The key factor here is the intention. Did the player do anything with the specific intent to trigger a bug, and did he do it in order to exploit it for himself?

This recent glitch is a rather telling example. The players who abused it were forced to do some strange things to trigger it, and then did it repeatedly. No reasonable person would have assumed that what turned out to be a bug was wanted on our part, and the players involved had to act on their own to trigger it. This is obviously not wanted on our part. This is of course a glitch and players who abused it knew exactly that it was a glitch and still exploited for their own purposes. It's obvious.

wow classic

Someone mentioned in this thread the unexpected resetting of the Magma Core by Esfand (a US streamer), this is a typical example from the other side of the mirror. In this case, they simply went into the raid and the instance was reset. They had no intention of triggering or trying to replicate the steps that led to this bug in order to abuse it - in fact, they warned us of this problem and did not continue until they to have confirmation that they could not control it (and that we would not consider this a bug exploitation if they ended the raid in question).

Note for the curious: This was a completely different bug that existed since 2004 and has been triggered sometimes since, it was simply not broadcast live to thousands of viewers at the moment the facts are are produced at the time.

Of course, none of these situations are ideal - we try our best to provide a balanced playing field for everyone - but there is a very big difference between "the instance is reset and we do not know why" and "If we do some Strange Things we can farm this instance boss an infinite number of times". This is the key factor transforming an accident into a bug exploit.

It's been going on longer than I expected, so I'll give you one last warning: many things including context and other nuances affect these situations, and they are usually not as clear and straightforward than in these two examples. We ended up making different judgments depending on the specificities of each of them as well as their overall impact on the game (the phrase "intelligent use of game mechanics" was originally used for one of these complex situations). These two cases are just too obvious to us.

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