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WoW Classic: Blizzard confirms exploit and distributes penalties

The layering feature in WoW Classic still causes Blizzard a headache. Initially "only" to exploit the mechanics to selectively collect rare enemies and valuable resources, the so-called exploiters have now pushed it to the extreme. In a recent Bluepost, Blizzard Community Manager 'Kaivax' once again reports a mistake that has recently caught Blizzard's attention.

Thus, there has been a bug that has allowed players not only in the world but even in instances and raids to bypass cooldowns, ids and timers. Several players have exploited a layering mechanic mistake in a targeted and targeted manner to gather the best armor in the game at the moment.

Many members of the WoW Classic Community call in the comment sections on the subject of tough and consistent action against the players who have exploited the error targeted. Many even advocate permanent account bans or deletion of affected characters. There is consensus that the stolen loot is definitely not allowed to stay with the players.

How Blizzard finally responds remains to be seen. Of course, once official measures have been taken, you will learn it at this point.

After much desire from the WoW community, numerous fan projects, private servers and much more, Blizzard finally had a look in 2019. With WoW Classic, the developer of one of the largest online role-playing games of all time revives the beginnings of a magical world that has mesmerized millions of gamers for over 15 years and continues to do so in a large community.

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