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World of Warcraft Northrend is a one MMO-inspired build fits right in with the Viking-asthetic of the survival game

Valheim's community has seen some pretty spectacular builds, from the Eiffel Tower to the tower of Barad-Dur from The Lord of the Rings. However, one MMO-inspired build fits right in with the Viking-asthetic of the survival game: World of Warcraft's Northrend.

What kind of mod is that?
The mod has the simple name "World of Warcraft - Northrend" and transforms your map into the famous continent from WoW. This is more than just a “seed” , i.e. a reshaped card. The mod was released on March 25th on NexusMods and comes from the user "Drakoman The Fox".

WoW's Northrend

What is Northrend?
Valheim and World of Warcraft collide in a new mod created by DrakonmanTheFox where Northrend is brought to life in the indie Viking RPG. The modder not only recreated the icy continent from the world of Azeroth, but also added content from the Ashlands, Deep North, and Mystlands Biomes into Valheim.

Modder DrakonmanTheFox has recreated WoW’s Northrend, stuffing it with added content for the Deep North, Mystlands, and Ashlands biomes. You’ll find that dungeons and items appear outside their usual biomes to make things more suited to the Viking spin on Warcraft. For example, you’ll find dragon eggs and Sunken Crypts inside Mistland, Deep North, Mountains and the Black Forest. It all comes together to give you a pretty cool spin on Valheim you can use for your next adventure if you’re a World of Warcraft fan.

WoW's Northrend

The mod itself sees adjustments made to the different biomes and dungeons to give it more of a Viking feel, such as Dragon Eggs being located in places like the Deep North and Mistlands. The heightmaps of the World of Warcraft continent are fairly accurate in the Valhiem recreation, however you won't find structures like Icecrown Citadel on the map.

Players who download this mod start in a recreation of the Howling Fjord, and the modder says it was created with "play-ability in mind." There are some changes those familiar with Valheim should note: Crypts and Burial Chambers will likely spawn outside of their original Biome and default spawn location aren't necessarily the same as they are in the original. For example, Dragon eggs and even Sunken Crypts can be discovered in the Biomes Mistland, Deep North, Mountains, and the Black Forest.

WoW's Northrend

In the Aschelanden and the Deep North you will also discover new loot that is not otherwise in the game. Which exactly this is is not mentioned in the description.

The world itself is mostly covered in snow, so you will be traveling in mountains or in the deep north. Since these areas are generally a bit more difficult due to their cold, Northrend is probably a quite challenging place.

You can find instructions on how to download the mod for yourself over on Nexus Mods. DrakonmanTheFox suggests playing this one with the Epic Loot mod as they’ve included custom spawns inside the Ashlands and Deep North biomes. Expect Draugr villages, stone fortresses, troll caves, and goblin towers to be packed into Deep North.

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