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Wild Rift will hit mobile devices in Europe later this year

Buy LoL Wild Rift RP Wild Rift will hit mobile devices in Europe later this year. At the beginning of December Polish League of Legends fans will be able to play the mobile version of the game as part of regional open beta tests. Like other Riot Games games Wild Rift will be available for free and the micropayment system will only be used to buy new skins and other elements that do not affect the gameplay or the power of the player-controlled character. In addition before the release of the open beta Riot Games will introduce a new patch to the game including tests of new heroes and skins.

In South Korea and Japan players will be able to log in via their existing Riot Games account to earn rewards based on the time and money invested in League of Legends on PC. Instead skins and samples will be reserved for the other regions of South East Asia and will be distributed by the end of the year.

League of Legends WR

In a new patch coming later this month Wild Rift will launch one of League's most popular junglers on PC: Lee Sin the Blind Monk. This character retains his high-skill potential from the PC version now adapted to flawless and mobile-friendly controls.
- Champion Preview: In the same patch Riot will test six future champions which can be played at no additional cost for a few days during the month of October: Kai'sa Evelynn Akali Darius Draven Cheap LoL Wild Rift RP and the newest League pop star Seraphine.

League of Legends was first launched in 2009. The possibility of launching this mobile version will be handled by Tencent knowing that this Chinese giant is also a shareholder of Riot Games. League of Legends adds to the list of PC games that are expanding to the mobile version.

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