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Ways to Get Elite Color Rush Players in Madden Mobile

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that the NFL’s Color Rush initiative for its Thursday night games has blazed its way into the brains of football fans over the least few seasons. It would be hard for it not to, considering it features teams wearing solid color, often really bright uniforms.

Madden Mobile is giving the possibly-designed-just-to-sell-more-merchandise promotion its due with its own Color Rush Live Events for the 2017 season. Added during Week 4 of the current NFL season, these events allow you to win special badges of different colors and pieces of equipment, then turn those in for Gold Color Rush players.

And while that’s all well and good, what you really want is Elite Color Rush players to make your team as good as it can possibly be. How do you go about doing that? First tap the ‘Color Rush’ tab on the home screen and then follow these instructions.

Ways To Get Regular Elite Color Rush Players

You can also challenge the event by winning tokens, which resets every few days. You'll get a four piece outfit with gloves, helmets, every step of the shoulder pad, gloves, CleaTS and four golden color rob players of the fifth and final step. The first four steps are repeated, but the ending is no.

Once you've got some patches and equipment, you'll want to set and click the color rush tab. There you'll find elite color rob players, which requires 20 gold punch players, 20 punch colors, and any color. An excellent color punch player to redeem them.

Let the golden colored rush player have a set, too. In each of the four pieces of equipment and any color of a gold coin transaction. You can also get one of these settings from color, requiring only one piece of gold player, though you can only use it once every four hours. Notice: Another way to get madden mobile players is to buy Madden Mobile Coins. However, elite color rush players can be attained through Color Blitz events.

How to Get Color Rush Heroes

The best Elite Color Rush players are found in the Color Rush Heroes sets right below the regular ones. There are 32 sets in all, one for each NFL team, and completing one not only earns you an Elite player that starts at 87 overall but also unlocks the Color Rush jersey for that team for use in Madden Mobile. Your opponents will really see you coming after that.

Like anything powerful in Madden Mobile, though, these players take some work. A Color Rush Hero set takes two Elite Color Rush players, 50 badges of a specific color and 50 badges of any color to complete. Considering that just getting those two Elite players takes a bunch of badges as well, you’ll be playing these events a lot to finish off any of these sets.

Notice: Many times, you'll see a special Color Blitz event that appears in the middle of the circle of color Rush activity. Completing this event will allow you to get a random badge, as well as a prismatic flash badge, and can take a place to complete the setting of any color badge. Keep an eye on this event, always play it.