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Top 5 Players at Each Position of Madden 18

EA Sports lets football fans play out their NFL fantasies each year with its exclusive video game title, and Madden 18 is the latest for 2017. For the casual and competitive player alike, the game brings fans closer to the real game on the field.

In devising a strategy of how to win at Madden, it’s important to ascertain the strengths of a particular roster in comparison to the style of play that a particular game player prefers.

While EA updates player ratings throughout the NFL season based on the actual on-field performances of the players, there has to be a starting place for each player in the game. EA uses factors like a player’s career statistics, injury history, tenure in the league and predictions on how the coming NFL season will go for each player in determining an initial ranking.

EA has released that initial ranking information for the top 5 players at each position ahead of the actual release of Madden, allowing players feeling the anticipation to get a little bit of a fix and begin their planning. Obviously, players will have to wait until the game drops to get a glimpse at full rankings for every player featured in the game.

The positions as listed by EA are quarterbacks, running backs, fullbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, offensive linemen, defensive tackles, defensive ends, middle linebackers, outside linebackers, cornerbacks, safeties, kickers and punters.


1. Tom Brady

After claiming a fifth Super Bowl victory by leading the New England Patriots to the biggest comeback in a Super Bowl ever, it’s not difficult to ascertain why Brady appears on Madden 18 as the only quarterback with a 99 overall rating.

2. Aaron Rodgers

Just a tick under Brady with a 98 overall rating, Rodgers is the highest-rated NFC quarterback for many reasons. His ability to buy time with his feet and allow his receivers to get open is unmatched in the launch ratings.

3. Matt Ryan

Ryan will look to get the bad taste of a Super Bowl defeat out of his mouth on the field this season, and Madden players should take advantage of that expectation. Ryan has a 96 overall rating to start the season.

4. Drew Brees

If Rodgers is already claimed by an opponent, Brees is just as good if a player likes to use a quarterback with the ability to make precise throws while in motion. Brees’ overall 92 rating isn’t as strong as his predecessors on this list, but players could do much, much worse.

5. Ben Roethlisberger

An overall 91 rating isn’t bad for beginning the season following an off-season in which Big Ben mulled hanging up his cleats. He is still among the hardest for opposing defense to actually bring down, creating lots of opportunities for players.

Running backs

1. Le’Veon Bell

Gamers don’t have to wait until Bell resolves his contract situation with the Pittsburgh Steelers to enjoy Bell’s power and speed. At 97 overall, he’s a powerful weapon for any Madden player.

2. David Johnson

Johnson will not only be a force on offense, in both the running and passing attacks, but also on special teams as well. Players who have mastered the art of the kick return will enjoy playing with Johnson’s 94 overall rating.

3. LeSean McCoy

At 92 overall, McCoy is the focal point of the offense of any player using the Buffalo Bills. His lethal combination of elusiveness and speed in the game make him a delight for those who are able to make defenders miss with Madden‘s controls.

4. DeMarco Murray

See above and apply the same principle when playing with the Tennessee Titans. At 91 overall, getting the ball to Murray early and often is a great way to set up the rest of an offensive scheme.

5. Ezekiel Elliott

Players have no reason to fear a suspension in Madden. The second-year back begins this season with a 90 overall rating. It could be higher if not for his low marks as a part of the passing game, but he more than makes up for that in other ways.

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