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The First Point Gives MapleStory M a Differentiator than Any Other Game

It is good news for the hardcore fans of this game , but it also raised some concerns that MapleStory M could be alive in the Vietnamese market, as it seems. You'll be able to get items known as Occult Cubes. These are used to reroll the stats on your weapon in case the potential stats are not something you wanted. But when you go into Extract it immediately moves all items into the extract menu. So be sure you remove anything you don't want to extract otherwise you will lose it.
Sell Items at the Trade Station
If you have an emblem equipment, you can probably sell it for over 100 million. They are pretty rare at the moment and you can get it either by buying the treasure box that requires cash, or fusing two of the same equipment with max levels. Your chances of getting an emblem by fusing is also pretty low. If you have an equipment with perfect stats, you can sell it for a much higher price compared to those with regular stats. For we bought an epic claw for over 4 million mesos and it's only like 100k for regular epic claws.

MapleStory M Takes Player


In addition to the cute graphics and graphics, MapleStory M also owns a fun and not too heavy plot. If you liked this short article and you would like to get even more information concerning Buy MapleStory M Mesos kindly go to the internet site. There will be no tear-drenched screen or dark intrigue, every task in the game has a very gentle approach and fun for players. This does not appear in MapleStory M. In contrast, the leveling in the game takes place quite lightly and interestingly. Besides, this is also the place to get you the first set of rare equipment, before you can participate in the more dangerous school to receive the rare items in the legendary.
MapleStory M takes the player into a mysterious world a seemingly peaceful world that is threatened by evil forces. The original five-player system of the original version continues to be featured on the Mobile version, including Dark Knight, Bowmasters, Night Lord, Bishop, and Captain.
MapleStory M is a fully licensed product from the PC version, delivering all the essentials that make up the mythical dwarf mushroom adventure. With 5 familiar characters every day always side by side in all activities of the player. From plot missions to daily activities, discover new features and make friends with your buddies:
A real-time MMORPG with exciting events.
Explore popular cities like Henesys, Perion, Kerning City, Elinia and more.
There are a variety of equipment and items to make the character of the player very different and splendid.
Revive MapleStory on the player's mobile phone.
Face the legendary Boss of MapleStory Zakum.
Join up to 10 battles and fight Zakum to win exciting prizes.
The Guildmaster has the ability to appoint a Submaster or transfer the leadership to another player. To accessed this feature, click Manage Guild and press Appoint on an individual. Currently the Submaster only can host Guild Banquet. Guildmaster can only appoint two Submaster. They recently released a random damage skin box as well, which gives you a fancy damage skin. Those are sold over 10 million mesos in the Trade Station. The prices vary according to different worlds.
Many Female Gamers
In summary, MapleStory M has a perfect opportunity to be featured in a mismatched GMO forest of the current Vietnamese market. The game is now available in five different countries around the world, and will soon be available in Vietnam with the Vietnamese version at the end of July. The more female players are, the more male players will increase drastically.