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Sensor Tower: EA sports mobile game revenue exceeds 1 billion US dollars

Sensor Tower data shows that EA's free sports mobile game series has accumulated more than 1 billion US dollars. This revenue is only created by the series of sports mobile games independently issued by EA, including Madden NFL series, FIFA football series, "NBA Live" and "EA Sports UFC" in the global App Store and Google Play revenue, excluding other distribution outside the United States The revenue of the agent version.
Approximately 49 percent of this revenue has come from in-app purchases in the Madden NFL franchise, totaling more than $490 million in estimated player spending. The publisher’s free-to-play FIFA titles, which include FIFA Soccer and FIFA 15 Soccer Ultimate Team, account for approximately 36 percent of the sum, or more than $360 million. Despite arriving relatively late to the game in 2016, NBA Live Mobile Basketball has contributed nearly $140 million or about 14 percent of all gross spending. EA Sports UFC represents by far the smallest portion of EA Sports mobile revenue at just 2 percent of the total.
The NFL is the dominant sport in the USA, and basketball is No. 2, so it’s no surprise that America accounts for a massive chunk of this revenue. Sensor Tower estimates that U.S. players account for 62 percent, of $620 million, of this lifetime revenue. Next up is Great Britain, where football (as in soccer) reigns. It’s 5.7 percent of that $1 billion. Japan is third at 5.7 percent.
Last year, the American football mobile game "Madden NFL Overdrive Football" became the new trump card of EA sports mobile game, attracting nearly 100 million US dollars worldwide. However, the world's most profitable sports mobile game in 2018 is Konami's baseball mobile game "Pro Baseball Spirits A". Japanese players paid as much as US$150 million for this game in the past year.
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