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Phase 6 of WoW Classic has started

WOW Classic Gold Phase 6 of WoW-Classic has started and provides an absolute highlight especially for raiders: Naxxramas. All the bosses could already be tried out on the test servers and the WoW creators thought that the release of Classic Phase 6 would make sense just a few days before Shadowlands Season 1 ... well. So that you can prepare yourself for the bosses who await you in the necropolis hovering over the plaguelands we have dug deep into our archives and polished up the retro guides from the vanilla era for you. The entrance to the instance is in the Plague Forest in the Eastern Plaguelands (coordinates 39/25). Just step into the green circle and wait for the teleport to heights in the air.

"Patch 1.13.6 for WoW Classic (buy now 19.94 €) will be released on December 2nd. Immediately afterwards on December 3rd at 23:00 CET we will open Naxxramas and start the scourge invasion.

World of Warcraft Classic

When necropolises appear in the sky and undead creatures make Azeroth unsafe then you are right in the middle of the first scourge invasion in WoW history. In the course of the event you can earn the best weapon oils and whetstones for Naxxramas an 18-place bag and some epic items among other things. We have already summarized all the details about the Scourge Invasion in the following guide:

According to Blizzard the Scourge Invasion will be slightly different from its 2006 version because knowing and optimizing players would allow them to complete this new content too quickly.

In addition to the usual consumables - with which you can increase your damage healing World Of Warcraft Classic Gold the threat generated or your survival strength - above all a colorful range of resistance potions. Large antifreeze potions come in handy with Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad sure. In Noth (interesting for off-tanks) Kel'Thuzad and especially Loatheb Large Shadow Protection Potions can be life-saving. For the four riders (and possibly also Faerlina) you should pack large fire protection potions and large nature protection potions are worth considering with several bosses (Anub'Rekhan Faerlina Maexxna Grobbulus Gluth (for the pull) Thaddius Loatheb).

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