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MY.GAMES and Booming Games announce Season VI Scourge of Winter.

MY.GAMES and developer Booming Games announce Season VI: Scourge of Winter. The free expansion for Conqueror’s Blade, which will be available from December 21. In this new season, players will venture into the frozen lands of Ostaria to confront a new threat and save the lands to the North from desolation. Warlords from around the known world must unite to survive the long winter ahead ...

Season 6: Scourge of Winter, which adds a new campaign featuring the Ostaria region, a new enemy, and a content-packed Battle Pass to unlock.

In the death of Ostaria's winter in the icy Northern lands, a new evil emerged and took over the Northern lands. Despite great obstacles and through the worst winter in memory, heroes from around the known world must join forces if they want to take revenge on the forces of darkness and reclaim the North. Beyond this new campaign is a battle path filled with new units and epic rewards for warlords to add to their reign.

In Season VI: Scourge of Winter, the Warlords will face these challenges:
  •     A NEW CAMPAIGN: The North Has Fallen. Between December 21 and mid-March, players can use their armed forces to penetrate deeper and deeper into the icy north to take on the legendary scourge of winter and its army of molesters. Heroes from all over the known world must band together if they want to avenge these lands and recapture them from the forces of darkness ...
  •     PROMOTE UNITS: Even the best soldiers cannot face evil alone. Players can complete unit challenges to advance their best units to the prestigious ranks of Landsknechte (available now), Heraldrymen with Lance (starting December 28th) and the Liao Ranger (starting January 18th).
  •     DYNAMIC WEATHER: Locked in a terrible winter, warlords have to adjust to changing weather. Dynamic weather conditions now ensure an even more immersive gaming experience. Whether light snowfall or heavy blizzard - the world of Conqueror’s Blade is now even more realistic.
  •     PROTECTION FROM THE STORM: The weather outside may be terrible, but the fire and festivities at the King's Falcon tavern in Turul Város are just lovely! Here players can find refuge from the icy weather and the Winter Wars, relax with fellow warlords while they warm up with hearty winter beer and take on quests from NPCs!
  •     BATTLE PASS: Complete new seasonal challenges to win over 100 free /. Receive premium rewards. The suite of the Redeemer, the ultimate suite of the Archon and much more await intrepid warlords. By the way: The impressive armor of the molesters will be unlocked immediately with the new Battle Pass.
  •     THE LEGACY OF WAR: Players can collect Hero Tokens to redeem 11 new weapon skins inspired by the brutal craftsmanship of the Desecrators. Another currency, "Blades", can be used to unlock redesigned Legacy Cosmetics, which include new flavors of armor that have not been available since Season II!
  •     UPCOMING PVE CONTENT: Starting December 29th, the bravest defenders of the north can help take back the fallen lands in a new PvE mode. Drive the sinister marauders out of the ruins of Ostaria and use resources to rebuild fiefdoms and receive special rewards. Including the exclusive items "Frosty Assassin's Set", "Snowstorm Set" and "Knight's Set Made of Cold Steel" as well as the coveted heroic clothing of the Archon, a variant of the level 100 reward of the Battle Pass!

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