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MMX Hill Dash 2 brings us some wild and crazy racing with a unique touch

MMX Hill Dash 2 is a racing simulation video game on iOS and Android platforms. Developed and published by Hutch Games, gamers can upgrade and modify their cars by many kinds of accessories. The game is simple to control, just tap Gas button on lower right corner on screen to speed up, but when you are jumping in air your car may lean back, you need to use brake to adjust your car’s gesture in order to prevent it turning over. The most difficult control is to keep your car’s balance and run farther. You can upgrade your car’s Speed, Grip, Stability, and Propeller by MMX Hill Dash 2 Coins. Some excellent cars requires MMX Hill Dash 2 Gems to unlock and upgrade.

One of the biggest challenges you will face in MMX Hill Dash 2 is staying in control. The rugged terrain, jumps, and the changing slopes all make it difficult for you to keep your truck steady. It is not just about speed. If you focus too much on going faster, you will end up crashing your vehicle before you make it to the finish line. There are a few tricks you should master in order to remain in control of your vehicle. One of them is knowing when to accelerate and decelerate. When you fly off a ramp, try to alternate between the gas and the brake in order to keep your truck balanced. Doing this will help give you a smoother landing.

Once you land on a hill, make sure you release the gas. If you continue accelerating, you will end up speeding up too much on the downhill slope. Just let gravity do its work and wait until you reach the flat part of the track before hitting the gas again. If you are still going too fast, hit the brakes bit by bit in order to regain control of your truck. You can use the flat part of the track to build your momentum, so you can easily climb the next uphill slope. By the way, you can buy cheap MMX Hill Dash 2 Items from z2u.com, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “Z2U”.

There are a ton of video offers that you can take in this game in order to improve. One of the best is for the upgrade screen. If the “free” button appears over an upgrade, then you can watch a video to get that upgrade for free. Additionally, at any time, you can watch a video from the main menu in order to earn gems for free. Hit the Facebook logo button and you’ll earn free gems also.

It’s possible to fully upgrade a vehicle by importing it to the next tier. Once you upgrade a ride’s stats enough to hit a certain numerical limit and have enough Prestige Currency, it’s time to import! Importing to a higher tear not only makes your ride look better, it also increases the number of upgrades you can give it and nitro boosts it can work with.