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Madden NFL 21 Face Of The Franchise Walkthrough: Tips and Tricks before playing FOTF Mode

How do you increase your face in Madden 21 franchise? How do I get better at Madden 21 Face Of The Franchise mode? If you want to know the answer, then you just need to follow this short article!
Look Good, Sound Right
Players will get an opportunity to change their character later on, but every important cutscene is going to happen with this face, tone, and body. Taking the default person might be easy, but it isn't pretty and the voices, while all great, fit certain personalities better than others. The whole point of Face of the Franchise is to add a role-playing experience to football, so take some time here. There aren't as many options as, say, Skyrim, but there is enough here to at least be proud during the cinematic moments.
Decide Your Own X-Factor Ability
On your path to greatness, you'll probably get to unlock an X-Factor ability. We have the full rundown of these special skills in our Madden NFL 21 X-Factor abilities list, but for Face of the Franchise, you actually get to pick your own. Depending on your position, different X-Factor abilities will be available to you. For example, we chose "Truzz," a skill which prevents a player from fumbling due to a tackle after they've five times for positive yardage. It can only be deactivated if the player gets tackled for a loss, so this new X-Factor is one of the best to go with in our opinion, especially if you're playing as a runningback or a scrambling quarterback.
Best Choices To Get Drafted
The ultimate goal in the Madden NFL 21 Face of the Franchise mode is to get drafted. Here is what players need to do to get drafted based on my playthrough of the game. Players have to win both games semi-final and the National Championship final games. They need to be a team player and choose the Team Player options whenever given the choice. Don’t leave for Draft when the coach chooses Tommy as starter QB just switch position. Make these choices and the players will be able to get their character drafted by an NFL team.
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