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Madden 18 MUT Ultimate Beginners Guide

Unless you preordered the game or are made of money and decided to buy the GOAT edition, chances are you do not have a lot of options to get started in Madden Ultimate Team. On top of that if you are a beginner then you will probably be stuck and wondering what to do. This Madden NFL 18 MUT Ultimate Beginners Guide will help you get started and give you some very important tips on how to hit the ground running on your way to having an ultimate team.

Madden NFL 18 MUT Ultimate Beginners Guide

This Madden NFL 18 MUT Ultimate Beginners Guide should help you get started with the Madden NFL 18 MUT Ultimate Team.

Madden NFL 18 MUT Ultimate

Once you click on Ultimate Team, you get to name your team and are given a squad of low rated players. There are 4 tiers through which players in Madden are rated. They depend on the player’s overall. Remember that the ratings of players in MUT are different than other game modes and players have different versions, which can be upgraded along the way.

        • Bronze: 59 Overall or Below
        • Silver: 60-69 Overall
        • Gold: 70-79 Overall
        • Core Elite: 80 Overall or Higher

Madden 18 MUT Guide – Getting Started

Pick your starter pack and you will be level 2. The best way to start playing is to pick your best available team and attempt the kick off solos. These solos will give you huge XP boosts so try to get the mall. Playing the Solos will also get notable players on your team such as Marshawn Lynch, Rob Gronkowski, and Champ Bailey.

Lastly, they also help you accrue coins and free packs so playing the kickoff solos is the perfect way to start building up a squad.

Madden 18 MUT Guide – Collecting MUT Points

Always remember to check the various available rewards whenever you reach a new MUT rank as you will receive exclusive packs and unlock new solos. You can unlock LdT from the exclusive packs and upgrade him by using Ldt Tokens – each upgrade improves Overall by 1 point.

The Longshot is not a good mode for collecting MUT points as you can play the Gauntlet for similar rewards in much less time. MUT squads is another fun way to earn points as you can play with friends and get bonus XP for getting a head to head win.

If you read out Madden MUT Coin Farming Guide – attached above – then you will already know not to waste your precious hard earned coins on packs and to be patient. Quickselling is also not recommended at all. Placing the cards in various different sets can yield far better results in the form of upgrades than selling or auctioning them ever would.

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