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It was Assumed that MapleStory M Will be the Official Mobile Game under the Maple Story Title

Mobile games are a booming success mostly due to the fact that not everyone owns a computer but in this day and age, everyone has a smartphone. The rewards may not seem like a lot but gold leaves are a very limited resource now especially if you’re not an old player. Aside from the controls and UI, everything about the mobile game will be identical to the original MapleStory. There's still work to be done in the game, however, the only thing you can do about it now is to send in a ticket.
At the end of the second phase, Siwu was forced into a dead end, opened a big move, and blasted the entire black paradise battleship. Above the sky reflected by the setting sun, Swu ran away and resurrected with blood. At this stage, a new type of drop is added: a red giant chariot, which is spiked by the hitter.

The Original MapleStory M

At the same time, Swu learned three new skills:
1. Gravitational vacuum, creating a vacuum around the Sve, inhaling all the players, often used in conjunction with the retracting arm and the red giant chariot.
2. The impact bomb, Siwu floated, and then launched 10 purple impact bombs to the ground. The position where the impact bomb falls on the ground has an aperture prompt. After the impact bomb touches the ground, the ion gun that fires upward is triggered on the ground to kill the player above the aperture.
3. Green sucker, Siwu summons a green sucker on the ground where he stands, and the player standing on the sucker can't jump and slow down.
At the same time, its blue energy ball turns into a red super energy ball, and the damage increases to about 40% of maximum health. If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of Buy Maplestory M Trading, you could call us at our own webpage. At the same time, when the energy ball touches the upper and lower left and right borders, it can immediately cause another damage to the contacted player. The lightning on the ground turns purple, and the damage increases to a maximum of 85%. The battle at this stage is described by chaos. The main threat lies in four points.
Red giant chariot. This is the drop of the spike, but the drop is especially slow. Generally do not actively hit. It should be noted that it was too close to Swu, and he was pushed by a mechanical arm directly under the chariot. Or you can come to a set of combination skills, first gravitational vacuum to suck you to him, and then a mechanical arm to push down the chariot downstairs because the set has been killed many times. It is also possible that you are hiding, suddenly a sucker at your feet, can't run.
Red super energy ball. Although only 40% of the maximum health, the energy ball will once again cause a damage to the player in contact. If you stand in the right place is the rebound point of the energy ball, you will be hurt by 80% of the maximum health. If the blood is not full, it will be easy to hang. Or more extreme is that you stand in the corner, just as the energy ball bounces twice in the corner, even eating 3 rounds, directly seconds. The situation is chaotic, and there are generally 1-2 energy balls in the ejection, which is difficult to balance.