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how to increase Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact

Cheap Genshin Impact Account To progress through Genshin Impact you’ll need to upgrade and increase a bevy of different areas. One such area is your Adventure Rank which serves as one of the game’s leveling system. Here is everything you need to know about how to increase Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact.

There are many ways to increase your adventure rank:

opening any kind of chest
clearing dungeons and finishing assorted Domains
discovering warp points
finishing quests and story missions
discovering new areas of the map
beating bosses
giving Oculi to the Statues of the Seven
Completing Ley Line Outcrop challenges

Daily quests called Commission quests are another great way to earn Adventure XP. These can be found in your quests menu on the fourth tab but they will only unlock after you Adventure Rank 12. These will reward you with 250 Adventurer XP when you finish one of them and an extra 400 Adventure XP Sell Genshin Impact Account if you can finish them all. They will reset at 4 AM each day.

You can also take on Boss Challenges but you will need Original Resin to be able to get your rewards and gain the relevant XP as such these are more of a mid to late game way to raise your Adventure Rank.

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