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How to get XP in Madden Mobile 21: Best and Fast Way to Level Up in Madden NFL Overdrive

What is the fastest way to get XP in Madden Mobile 21? What is the best way to level up fast in Madden Mobile 21? If you want to know the answer, then you just need to follow this short article!


How To Earn More XP and Level Up Fast In Madden 21
The best way to level up in Madden 21 is to complete the weekly challenges. Early on, players will be able to access the Rivalz and challenge modes. Completing these will increase the player's level significantly. Not only that, but new challenges are posted every week, and completing these will net the player tons of experience. Of course, when playing games, either offline or online, the player will receive bonus experience for how well they perform in the game. Online is the best way to experience the game so try out your skills there for extra perks.
Play through the five Pre-Season Drills to earn 100 XP. Make sure to burn all your Stamina by engaging in Head-to-Head and Season games before playing the Stamina-free preseason drills.
Live Events that are based on yards are more forgiving with user errors or bad plays, making those easier to complete for the full XP bonus.
Make sure you do all the academy achievements, which include playing an overdrive game with each of the free captains and coaches. Oh, and BTW, after you do that, plug in a Garappolo and the WC Coach to get 15 wins this week. It rewards you with TOTW stuff. If you win 10 overdrive matches with the vertical scheme you get 10k xp.
A keynote you need to take away from this is where is your team lacking in XP from the most to the least. You have to be aware of what position or positions you are just not getting enough XP at and then you need to make the decision where to spend your XP on the position training boosts. Know where your weaknesses are. You are the one who knows your team best. Also, take into consideration what kind of plays you are running. What positions are benefitting the most and what positions are benefitting the least from your offensive and defensive play calls. You can then make an educated decision to where you need to focus on XP growth.
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