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How to get the Lamar Jackson Shades in Madden 21 Mobile/PC/PS4/Xbox

How do you get Lamar shades in Madden mobile? How do I get second Lamar Jackson shades? How to get lamar jackson shades a second time? How to get lamar jackson shades again? How to get lamar jackson shades for 85 overall? If you want to find the answer concerning these questions, then you are at the right place.


How to get the Lamar Jackson Shades in Madden 21?
What is the use of Lamar Jackson Shades
Tracking down the Lamar Jackson Shades in Madden 21 is a bit of a challenge. The process of actually getting them is straightforward, but it involves a fair amount of grinding through the Masters Series in order to unlock the rare item. Jackson is the third highest ranked quarterback in the game, making him a formidable player once you’ve sunk enough time into building up his overall stats. The shades are an essential item if you want to get Lamar Jackson up to an OVR of 81 or higher. With enough work, though, Jackson can be pushed all the way up to a 94 OVR, so it is worth the effort.
Where to find Lamar Jackson’s shades
The shades can only be obtained by completing challenges in the Madden Master Series. However, you will only need to finish the first two sets: the Julio Jones series and the Jalen Ramsey series. All of these have about 20 missions each, but many can be bypassed if your offensive and defensive team ratings are 75 or higher. Once these are finished, return to the mode’s main menu and another Masters Series will appear, aptly named “Lamar Jackson Bonus Round.” Inside this set of missions, take on the rather easy Scenario Event, where you’ll go up against Jackson and the Ravens, for a shot at the shades.
How to Get a Free 85 OVR Lamar Jackson
If you're looking for a solid starting QB for your MUT team, look no further than 85 OVR Lamar Jackson! All you need to do in order to add 85 OVR Lamar to your Ultimate Team is score 5 total touchdowns in Superstar KO mode. Considering the stats for this item are similar to Lamar's Core Elite item and it's very easy to obtain, this is a great way to get your team headed in the right direction early on.
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