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How to Get Gems in Madden Mobile 21: Easiest and Best Way to Get Free Gems Fast in MUT Mobile

What do gems do in Madden mobile? How to get gems in madden mobile 21? How to get free gems in madden mobile 21? Easiest way to get gems in madden mobile 21. How to get gems fast in madden mobile 21? If you want to find the answer, you just need to follow this short article!


What do gems do in Madden mobile?
What are Madden Gems? Gems will be an accessible premium currency used to purchase select store packs and stamina. They will not be a replacement for Madden Cash or coins. Gems will be a currency that players will be able to acquire by playing and progressing in different areas of the game.
How to get Madden Mobile Gems?
1) Check all feats (make sure to scroll repeatedly through each)
2) Team history gives like 200 ish per chain and more for achievements
3) OD tier up (you can see the amount for each tier up on OD screen)
4) Arena gives like 2k+ from bronze to HOF
5) If you have hit HOF the last two times in Arena, do it again and claim the HOF arena set for 500 gems
6) Daily Goal 100 gems
7) Master Series, gems are in chests
8) You can get some from the KO Chain (the 100 gem reward is easy to get, 1k gem reward may take a while)
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