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How to Celebrate and Taunt in Madden 21

Taunting players in Madden 21 is a fun way to rub in a win or celebrate a touchdown in a challenging game.

Building on its animations from last year, Madden 21 allows you to rub it in the face of your friends on the couch or against your foes online across the various game modes.

Now, you’re able to dance and flex after tackles for a loss and first downs, on top of all of the touchdowns celebrations. So, there are many more opportunities to showboat in Madden 21.

How to perform Madden 21 celebrations
The Madden 21 celebrations are typically when your offensive player scores on a touchdown or two-point conversion. They also are available for certain defensive plays too, such as that drive-stopping sack, or big interception.

With Madden 21, there are now player-controlled celebrations. So you’ll now see a menu guide pop up on the screen for your player’s celebration options. Once it does, you have a quick bit of time to use Right Stick on the controller to choose a type of celebration and press X to select it.

We’ll teach you how to celebrate below:

    Step 1: Make sure there are no defenders near you
    Step 2: Showboat by holding down LT + RT + A on the XBOX One or L2 + R2 + X on the PS4
    Step 3: Dive Into The Endzone By Pressing LT + X on the XBOX One or L2 + Square on the PS4
    Step 4: Score a touchdown
    Step 5: Use the right stick to trigger more celebrations

If you ve not yet scored but you can t help but show off a bit madden nfl 21 now offers new celebration controls. Check your calendars and set your clocks appropriately. Once it does you have a quick bit of time to use right stick on the controller to choose a type of celebration and press x to select it. Second immediately after you score a touchdown.

How to taunt in Madden 21
Players can taunt in Madden 21 by holding down the left trigger and pressing Square/X on both Xbox and Playstation consoles. Holding the LT/L2 button and Square/X will activate a randomly selected taunt perfect for showing off.

A point to make here is that Madden 21 also doesn’t use L2/LT as a skill modifier for the ball carrier, as it did last year. So, don’t accidentally press what is now a celebration control when engaging defenders, as that ball is likely to be jarred loose.

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