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Four Seasons Change Driving Skills Sharing in Forza Horizon 4 and How to Drive a Vehicle

Four Seasons Driving Skills Sharing
The new vehicle upgrade system in the new work will be optimized for different seasons. For the player, the best driving experience comes from the best models selected for different climatic conditions. In addition to adjusting the model, players can also change their driving style for different weather and driving conditions in the four seasons.
Players may occasionally experience rain during the summer, but most of the time they will face relatively dry weather conditions. If the player leaves the road in order to take a shortcut, he or she may encounter lawns, flowers, trees, fences or small stone walls on the way. As long as the player is fast enough, obstacles on these roads will not cause damage to the vehicle. Smaller and lighter models will suffer more from these obstacles than larger cars.
When the summer comes, players can keep an eye on the season's limited game activities, challenges and rewards. In the summer, players can enjoy the superior driving conditions unique to the summer on a smoother, wider road in a faster car.

Four Seasons Driving Skills


Autumn may be the most beautiful and colorful season in the UK, and it is also the best time to sneak in the lakes, deep forests and avenues, and to conquer the mud in the adventure park. The autumn harvest has just ended. In the summer, the towering crops in the fields are harvested, and the soft, muddy land will slow down the driving speed of the vehicles. In addition, the spread of straw around the country also brings more obstacles to players. Frequent autumn rains will make the road slippery, so players need to plan before driving into a sharp bend.
In the fall, please pay attention to the barn on the road along the way every season players have the opportunity to find a classic model. If you treasured this article and you simply would like to collect more info about Buy Forza Horizon 4 Credits nicely visit our own webpage. Each classic model is seasonally limited and players need to find the classic model as soon as possible before the end of the season.
In the winter, players may be worried that they are out of control due to the slippery ground during driving. Don't worry, the player's tires will ensure that the player gives the vehicle enough control provided the player can remember to drive the steering wheel and brakes while cornering. If the player wants to be able to navigate the winter road more easily, the player can be equipped with a winter stud in the upgrade store for models that have already been equipped with off-road and rally tires in other seasons, they will automatically be converted into nails after entering the winter.
The weather in winter is sometimes sunny, sometimes snow and ice, and sometimes players will encounter snowstorms. In the higher northern part of the UK, players will be able to experience thicker snow, and the beaches on the shoreline will give players a constant driving experience, while the roads in and around Edinburgh will not be covered by snow. Impact.
In the winter, players can reach places that are not reachable in other seasons by crossing the frozen lake, and they can also find special rewards and new models hidden in different locations. On the ice, no matter what kind of tires the player uses, there will be a large amount of taxiing during driving.