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FIFA 21 next gen available now

FIFA 21 Coins FIFA 21’s next-gen update for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S is live now a day earlier than expected.

With next-gen technology powered by Frostbite engine the game offers an unprecedented level of player fidelity. Player physiques are more defined like flexing muscles after strikes and the strand-based hair on some of the top footballers combined with dynamic lighting that makes faces more prominent offering a whole new level of realism. Pre-game cinematics now include team buses arriving before kick-off and fans entering the turnstiles making it more immersive for players. During live games new contextual player bench and fan reactions respond to key match situations which gives players the feel of explosive passion and intense drama of big goal moments.

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For the most part it’s the same game. It’s noticeably prettier the grass on the pitch standing out now and everything looking cleaner generally but it’ll play the same for the most part. The impressive atmosphere remains as do the gameplay flaws and everything else you’ve come to love or hate about FIFA 21 since it launched in early October.

Players who play FUT or Volta Football can also take their squads from the FUT 21 Coins current gen to next gen in FIFA 21 with cross-gen transfer markets and leaderboards in FUT 21 as well as all FUT and Volta Football content and progress. Discless consoles (PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Xbox Series S) require a digital entitlement to upgrade.

PC players will not receive any of these updates with EA explaining they want to keep the minimum specs on PC low.

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