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EVE Echoes was initially meant to release in 2019 but has faced a number of delays

Launching in August, "EVE Echoes" aims to bring the experience of "EVE Online's" sci-fi universe of New Eden to mobile players along with some new features and an entirely new faction: the Yan-Jung. The game is a collaboration between "EVE Online" creators CCP Games and developers NetEase Games.

Exclusive to EVE Echoes, the Yan-Jung are introduced as a new NPC faction! Within this parallel universe of New Eden, they are the direct descendants of an ancient civilization who value balance, appreciate the harmony of a collective, respect history, and strive for the ultimate pursuit of "becoming one with heaven."

The game utilizes NetEase Games’ proprietary graphics engine, NeoX, in combination with CCP’s game design to realize stunning nebulae, boundless star fields, majestic planets, and unpredictable asteroid belts at unprecedented graphical detail on mobile devices. And if you want to Buy EVE Echoes ISK, visit z2u.com, a professional online in-game currency store.

EVE Echoes was initially meant to release in 2019 but has faced a number of delays. Most recently, the mobile title was pushed back as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic as NetEase is based in China. The country was the first affected by the coronavirus outbreak and companies in the region have been forced to cut back production significantly. This meant that EVE Echoes could not be fully completed in time. The global emergency has led to a wide array of other delays and cancellations in the gaming industry, with several high-profile titles already having their launch dates moved.

Going forward, NetEase Games and CCP Games will work on bringing even more content from the EVE universe to mobile. Players can look forward to features such as Sovereignty and larger ship hulls being brought to the game via continuous updates, as well as ongoing efforts to improve and enrich the game with the aid of EVE Echoes’ supportive community and fans for feedback, ideas and suggestions.