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Diablo Immortal, the first real Diablo designed for touch screens

Blizzard hasn't given up on Diablo Immortal, the first “real” Diablo designed for touch screens. The bad news is that we still don't know when the game will be available, a year and a half after its announcement. The studio has not given up on its game, despite the critical tsunami of the franchise's desktop fans, proof of this is the broadcast of a trailer during the ChinaJoy conference, one of the few to have been held in public this year.

Instead of the release date or at least the approximate date of the debut, we received information about a new testing phase that is to start soon. As part of the new tests, we are going to receive new content and a class to test, and the developers themselves hope to make this content available to a wider audience - in addition, for a longer period of time. And that's basically enough of the important news.

There will be large-scale multiplayer events and dungeons tailored for smaller teams. Those looking for PvP content don’t have to worry either: at the moment, the developers couldn’t talk in detail about this part of the game, but a King of the Hill-style game mode will already be sure where adventurers have to tear each other apart for the right to open a chest.

Mobile conditions were also in the foreground in the graphic display. You can use a phone everywhere from the yard to your shelter under the duvet, so you can’t plan the view as dark as, say, the Diablo IV. Everything will be a little lighter, so in style, the Immortal will be somewhere between Diablo II and III.

In addition, players will be able to cooperate according to the available shots, at least judging by the fight with the boss, where up to 10 individuals joined forces and used their abilities to the maximum. There will probably be a pretty passionate PVP, ie player against player, and a number of other unique game mechanics. One question remains when we will see the games in the West. In China, you can pre-register for Diablo Immortal and Blizzard has promised that the title will be released within the next year.

When Blizzard announced in 2018 that it was working on the mobile version of Diablo, the company was hit by a wave of criticism. The players could not forgive the company that it "turns into petty" and instead of seriously starting to create Diablo 4, they opted for the mobile version. However, when it turned out that Diablo 4 was in development and could be a really interesting title, Immortal was a bit forgotten. Now it looks like the premiere of this version of the game is fast approaching. The title is to appear on Android and iOS devices, although it is not known exactly when such a premiere is to take place. But now technical alpha tests are starting, so we shouldn't wait too long for the game. These tests will be limited only to people from Australia, but there are already fragments on the web showing what the gameplay will be like with Diablo Immortal.

When the game will be released is still in question. The next alpha test will already test level 60 end game content, but this may be followed by long months of waiting.

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