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CarX Drift Racing Online is all about drifting

With so many racing games available on Xbox One, from the hardcore racers like Project CARS 3 to the arcade-y Hotshot Racing – and everything in-between – there’s something for everyone. Drift-focused experiences are a rare sight though, which is why wannabe Drift Kings will be excited to see CarX Drift Racing Online emerge onto the digital store.

In the CarX Drift Racing game, every player can have the opportunity to become the king of sliding on various circuits. Get the highest score and get combos to get a more satisfying score. If you are a racing game lover, of course failure in this game will not frustrate you, instead it will increase your enthusiasm for the highest score.

Even so, the game developer, CarX Technologies has advised every player to rest at least every 40 minutes. This is because the more tired the eyes and hands are to play, then we cannot play this game to its full potential.

Highway Racing offers players many different modes: Campaign, Mono, Random, and X. In the garage, you can buy vehicles for real money or for fictitious currency. By the way, the transport itself is well drawn. In general, the picture in the game looks amazing. Locations are rendered perfectly, shadows are clear, and textures are not blurry. The developers even implemented a first-person view, since the quality of the interior design allows it.

The game is all about drifting.
This isn’t a standard point-to-point race, or yet another pro-circuit racing game focused on taking tight corners and slipping through chicanes with grace. Oh no, every hairpin turn you take in this game will require you to out-drift your opponent.

The developers have implemented 10 different race tracks into the game, along with 30 different tuner-ready cars with a host of modification settings to alter the drifting physics.

 CarX Drift Racing Online

Should the realism of CarX Drift Racing Online entice you in to make a purchase, then a short trip to the Xbox Store and a payment of £24.99 is all that’s necessary. Once that’s done, you’ll be hitting those clipping points and doing donuts before you know it. Don’t forget to come back here though, as we’d love to hear your thoughts on CarX Drift Racing Online after spending some time playing it.

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