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Blizzard will be adding WoW Classic RP PVP Realms in Europe and North America

Blizzard has announced that it will be adding World of Warcraft Classic RP PVP Realms in Europe and North America. Back in June of this year, Blizzard detailed Classic’s realm structure in both Europe and North America and promised that it would be adding PvP, PvE and RP realms. In a new post on the official World of Warcraft forums, Blizzard has now announced that it will also be adding Role-playing Player versus Players Realms following community feedback.

The research and argument the players made was apparently very convincing, as Blizzard announced Classic WoW will be officially receiving a RP-PVP realm.

    "We’ve heard your requests and want to let you know that we will be adding an RP-PVP realm in North America for WoW Classic. The comments, feedback, and passion from so many of you about this ruleset has been truly inspiring, and we’re happy to make RP-PVP available for you!

    Realm information (names, rulesets, and time zones) will be posted before the weekend so you can make plans with your friends and get ready to reserve your name on your preferred realm(s) on August 12, 2019 6:00 PM."

Precise information will be posted ahead of name reservation on August 12th, so players can coordinate with their friends to make sure that everyone is on the same server (although with a minority of RP-PvP options, it seems that one will be easy to find). Good news for those who enjoy exploring character motivations and having open wars with the other faction whenever both sides meet in the larger world!

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