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Blizzard Says Next-gen Game Pricing Will Not Be Revealed Soon

The PS5 is poised to release worldwide in a few months, yet we still don't have a release date or pricing information, and it looks like we may not be getting any information on the latter for a while. According to Executive Vice President at Blizzard, Mike Ybarra, who previously was one of the heads at Xbox, the price of the PS5 won't be revealed anytime soon. Ybarra doesn't divulge any specifics beyond this, but the information is enough to have some PlayStation fans disappointed.

The snippet of information comes way of Ybarra's personal Twitter account, where he revealed as much while interacting with a fan on the social media platform. Ybarra doesn't disclose much, but simply notes that PS5's "price won't be known for a while, unfortunately." Ybarra doesn't say how he knows this information, but as an executive of one of the biggest companies in gaming and as a former lead at Xbox, he presumably is privy to information most aren't.

Many will be disappointed at this news as there had been rumors that the PS5 and Xbox Series X would be priced this month. Many will no wonder what the next Xbox event which is scheduled for this month will feature if not new games or pre-order bundles. There may well be a technical deep dive into the consoles as a way to justify the price of the upcoming systems and this could be an effective way to demonstrate value before asking consumers to invest. Nonetheless, with many players believing that an announcement was incoming it will be interesting to see how they react to a longer wait than anticipated. And if you want to buy Blizzard Accounts, visit z2u.com, a professional online in-game currency store.

The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to release worldwide sometime this holiday season at an unknown price point. That said, according to recent scuttlebutt, reports, and rumors, we may get some of this information sometime later this month. Yet again, Ybarra's tweet suggests otherwise, though "a while" is pretty vague and subjective.

With the PS5 and Series X set for a release in the holidays of this year, many will expect an official pricing and pre-order offering soon. After all, if it is a "while" before a price point is released some players might not be able to budget for the console. With this in mind, leaving the price announcement late could damage the commercial success of both consoles.