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Biggest Changes of Madden 18

A new update is now live in "Madden NFL 18" which focuses on some pretty major gameplay changes. EA published the update on their website on Nov. 21, complete with the full patch notes.

One of the major changes in the latest update is that developers added logic on all Game Styles so that players who manage to perform a "Perfect Kick" will no longer be kick-blocked. To execute this move, Kick Power must be at 100 percent while the Accuracy Meter must be "stopped within the kicker's accuracy window."

Another big change is that the pump fake is now controlled with a click of the left stick instead of pushing the right stick up. That might take some getting used to for players who use pump fakes often. Additionally, this patch makes it so pass-blockers do not get hurdled as often by defenders.

Other major updates in gameplay include: "Adjusted pass blockers being hurdled too frequently by defenders; Fixed an issue that removed the VICIS helmets from offline CFM; Adjusted logic around QB Contain defensive assignment; adjusted logic around

The new Madden 18 patch also contains stability improvements for Franchise mode, while the white Color Rush pants for the New England Patriots have been added. EA Sports also said it is aware of an issue with Franchise mode on PS4 where the game lags during play calls. That's pretty annoying, but thankfully EA apologized and reported that fixing this issue is a "top priority" for the developer. You can see all the major details at below:

Full Change List:


    • Added logic on all game styles so kick blocks no longer occur on “Perfect Kicks” – to get a perfect kick, Kick Power must be at 100% and the Accuracy Meter must be stopped within the kicker's accuracy window, and perfect text appears on screen when you get 100% Kick Power and there will be a blue flicker that will trigger on the kicker's player icon after the kick that indicates you met the “Perfect” criteria
    • Removed Pump Fake functionality from Right Stick so users don’t accidently execute a Pump Fake when trying to throw the ball away – users can still Pump Fake while in the pocket by clicking Left Stick


    • Made stability fixes
    • Fixed an issue that removed the VICIS helmets from offline CFM
    • Fixed multiple issues with depth chart logic with injured players
    Improved stability in the Weekly Training drills in Franchise mode


    • Set Repeatable Limits – We can now set the amount of times you can complete a set
    • Set Timers – Timer displays on the Set that will tell you how much longer it will be available
    • Improved the look and feel of chemistry in the lineup screen and back of items