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Big Hit! Madden 18 Debuted Successfully Worldwide!

How successful the Madden 18 was? Look at the sales-volume of the game on PS4 and Xbox One, you will get a clear recognition upon this question. Madden was always one of the most popular product in EA games, but this time it has dominant the top position of the numerous products. If you are football fan buy haven’t join the game now, that’s your huge loss. Join us now, the Seattle Seahawk team members even practice their strategy and teamwork in this game, and they even formed an eSports video game team early this year. There’s an obvious trend of electronic video game industry. Fans had gone too far.

The mid-‘10s have seen significant upheaval – in a very literal sense – throughout the NFL, with the Rams, Raiders and Chargers all finding new homes: the former in Las Vegas, the latter pair in LA. Yet while relocation features in Madden 17, it does so with severe restrictions. For instance, there are only 18 possible places to move your team to, and Vegas doesn’t make the list.
That gameplay was urgent in need to be improved and refined. Madden NFL 18 improves the overall look and feel of the battle in the trenches between O-lineman and D-lineman. O-lineman will now have the ability to cut block, chip defenders, and perform reach blocks. And definitely creates a more realistic style of blocking and engagement in the trenches. D-line gameplay improvements such as reach tackles and 3-man tackle animations make Madden 18 a more realistic experience when playing on defense. These are definitely welcomed improvements in the Madden community.
What I always mentioned is that: think about a Madden showdown with the ‘85 Bears pitted against the ‘07 Patriots. Or maybe one of the great Cowboys teams of the 1970’s playing up against one from the 1990’s. Walter Payton, Joe Montana, Jim Brown, Terry Bradshaw, Bart Starr, Joe Namath, and Ray Lewis all in the same NFL football game. How much fun would that be?
Start your Franchise from any point in the season using Starting Points for Cloud Franchise. A Starting Point will be added each week of the season to let you jump right into a league with no sim-ing required. Starting Points reflect the major storylines in Franchise as the year goes on. For example, if the Cleveland Browns decide at the end of the preseason to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo, you could start preseason Week 1 with him on the New England Patriots or start right in the regular season Week 1, after the trade occurred. Starting Points brings more authenticity to your Franchise experience.

You've also got an under receiver crossing into the middle and typically, this wideout will be your principal money option. He'll be open more often than your primary receiver -- and a more reliable target overall. This off-tackle running play has been in Madden for a long time, but in Madden 17, gap controls changed things up a bit - making the Power-O a formidable red zone money play. And in Madden 18, that's not changed.
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