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We have already solved the problem that EA requires to the trade for the Madden NFL Mobile

We have already solved the problem that EA  requires  to the trade for the Madden NFL Mobile auction house trade market only active when account at LV10 and Team score reach to 70 problem,.which is now available for normal delivery, but due to this limit, the output is significantly reduced and the production cost is obvious .  if your order was before 2017.08.27 and right now it it is not complete, please contact us as soon as possible. We will transfer the goods at the current cost. (The price is lower than the website price of about 15%), you can also request our Customer service gives you a maximum of 6% coupon code, (normally the coupon its  3%), if you do not want to reduce, we also can give you a full refund, so sorry for the inconvenience, please understand ~!
In order to feedback our loyal customers, we are basically sales the coins with no profit at all , we compared to the same industry website 10-30% cheaper !
Currently,  Madden NFL Mobile Coins production  only 100M-200M per day , so first come first served, if we do not  deliver your order in  the day  you ordered for ,we will process your order in  priority the next day please do not worry !