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Vastly improved defensive gameplay is on display in Madden NFL 15

In the music category I gotta give an average 3. EA used to have an original intro song recorded specifically for Madden each year by artists like Xzibit or Ludacris. Then they began to make albums of already or soon to be published songs that would be played throughout the game. Usually the songs were a mix of rock and hip-hop. But now all that is gone and it features music that you would most likely hear on a broadcast of NFL Films. EA did bring back the Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team (MUT 15), which is a trading card style of creating your team and competing. Playing through the Skills Trainer will net you several packs of cards to be used with your MUT, so be sure to complete as many of skill challenges as you can. Not only will you be improving your overall Madden skills, but you’ll be helping your MUT as well. You’ll be able to collect player cards for just about every Hall of Fame player known to the NFL, and building your team with these high caliber folks is the key to success.
Madden NFL 15 was released in North America on August 26th, 2014. The new rendition of the game boasts all-new and improved defensive mechanics as well as many new offensive features and formations. In the words of EA employee Rex Dickson, “The game is not where we need it to be yet, but it’s getting there.” My personal opinion is that this about as accurate a statement as one could ever expect from EA Sports. EA has been notorious over the years for talking up their product only to have it fall short. This year it seems as if they are taking the road less traveled and setting customer expectations for a let down.

Vastly improved defensive gameplay is on display in Madden NFL 15. You can jump the snap by pressing R2 at precisely the moment when the ball is snapped. This gives you an upper hand when pass rushing, so you can try out the new power and finesse moves that help you shed blocks and make tackles in the backfield. You'll see a prompt over a player's head when power or finesse moves are available; you can turn prompts off after you master the timing. Two new and welcome features aid defensive players. First is the ability to steer an offensive lineman to clog a running lane or knock him off balance while playing defensive line. Second, you can push down on the left thumb stick to rotate the camera for a better view. The latter really helps you size up an offense.
It’s hard to deny the value of any sports title for fans of the game, it’s easy to get lost in Ultimate Team for hours on end trading cards or in the career mode aiming for that Superbowl win or playing an entire career with your created player in connected careers. It’s not a “finish in 10 hrs story” or even one that’s going to be dead online in 3 months. When you pick up Madden NFL 15 you can be assured it’s going to be active and regularly updated at the very least until Madden 16. 12 months of play is great value for anyone. Madden NFL 15 games are fluid when the teams are well-matched, and there are plenty of moments when the title manages to recreate some of the best moments fans have seen on TV or experienced in person. The mix of solid core mechanics and accurately researched player stats means that all teams have a clear personality and style and the wealth of options can sometimes make it hard to decide which play to run.
Once the play is called, seeing the action unfold is stunning2ly beautiful this year. Utilizing the impressive Ignite Engine to great effect, as the game runs smooth and looks stellar in motion. The hits look natural during the vast majority of plays, and the ways that player and coach likenesses appear in this year’s game gives glimpses into future versions of the series. Madden NFL 15 knows how pretty it is, so it brings with it a new presentation suite, which includes over 100 new cameras to show off every little detail. The cameras can sometimes get caught behind objects on the sideline, but most of the time, the shots resemble those that would be seen in an NFL broadcast, and the overlays are always relevant to the action happening on the field. The extensive mini-game mode gradually teaches players the game of football, walking them through how to master Madden 15’s controls and read defenses like a star quarterback. Before you know it, you will be able to tell the difference between Cover 3 and Cover 2 defenses and pick up blitz packages. Acquiring a deeper understanding of football makes the mundane game mode a rewarding experience.