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Trying to throw downfield in Madden NFL 15 can be challenging

Much attention has been given to the throwing style of Tim Tebow, former quarterback for the Florida Gators. His style has earned him much criticism, and has launched him into his own national campaign for fundamental change (which has started to work). He’s currently going back to the basics of when he learned to throw and “re-learn.” So, what’s wrong with his style, and if you’re an aspiring quarterback, what is the best way to throw a football? Trying to throw downfield in Madden NFL 15 can be challenging with the all-new zone coverage. In this tip, we show you one of our favorite plays for airing the ball out downfield and explain how to cut down on throwing interceptions.
After evaluating the QB, I moved on to the WRs for each team. A QB needs great wide receivers to run the routes, make spectacular catches in traffic, and have the speed and agility to create space from the defender. Many teams have at least one really good receiver but the teams with multiple top 20 receivers really stood out to me. An elite tight end should also be considered as an addition to the WR group, but don't tell Jimmy Graham that. For the receivers to get open, the offensive line has to hold their blocks long enough for the WRs to have time to let their route play out.
The offensive line is going to be another factor that could make or break your offense in Madden 15. The new defensive line controls are going to wreak a little more havoc and give you less time to get rid of the ball. The offensive line was the third factor to consider in the best Madden 15 passing offense. By far, the most important determining factor for your team's play selection is its own composition. If you have an all-star running back, run more; if you have a quarterback with a rocket arm and receivers with sticky hands, pass more. Playing the Pittsburgh Steelers like you do the Houston Texans will quickly put you behind.

Not only is your team's strength important to consider, but your opponent's strength is as well. If they're having trouble stopping your run, then in any situation where you don't have a specific plan, another run should get you some yards. Conversely, if the opposing defense is stuffing your run no matter what you do, you might need to pass unless you're in a must-run situation.
Although your playbook will provide ample amounts of running and passing plays, it never hurts to experiment with something new, even with the game on the line. Stacking, for example, allows you to set up the offense on one side of the field. This may look like a mismatch at first, but in fact it creates a huge opportunity to gain extra yardage, provided the defense doesn't cut through the line first.  Also, mix up your players on these plays. A good running back can always gain extra yardage for you when you need it, but you want to exploit the defense and find an open man you normally don’t rely on. Mix up receivers, runners and other players, then make use of the team as a whole. Doing so will keep them guessing, and thus gain you the yards needed to score the first down – and eventually win the game. 
"Madden NFL 15 is famous for altering the balance between offense and defense in the game, year-to-year," states one reviewer. "This year, the game’s defense has gotten an overhaul. I definitely noticed the new-found virtual players’ ability to shed blocks, engage with and disengage from players on the offensive line and time the snap perfectly enough to make my pass rush tougher and far more-realistic than in years’ past."