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Tom Brady—The Cover Athlete of Madden NFL 18

The latest statistics of the sales of Madden NFL 17 showed that it has enjoyed enormous popularity among Americans. Madden NFL is to Americans what FIFA is to English. What’s more, it has been well sold on PS4 and Xbox One. And it reaches one of the top 10 best-selling games on PS4. So it is not strange that people have always endeavored to focus their attention its next version—Madden NFL 18. It means market and profits and also topics.

The Cover Athlete for Xbox One and PS4
Recently, we have discovered two pictures as a sign of its possible cover athlete.Of course it is linked to its most popular platforms Xbox One and PS4.You know that people won’t waste time doing something meaningless and unprofitable. The pictures showed that Tom Brady will be the cover athlete. Sometimes I will guess the source of those news and whether it deserves trust. Then there is a possibility that the message is form the EA. Maybe they want a warm-up for the game or they want to know whether it is acceptable to fans or how it will affect their customers. Then they will know how much they will be paid.
Madden NFL 18-cover athlete

A Wise Choice of the Cover Athlete
Madden NFL 18 will possibly choose Tom Brady as its protagonist. It will be a wise choice in view of the present response of players given on the micro blog.Even some players have a love and hate relationship with Madden NFL Series. They jokingly called it a drug or a kind of milk with drugs. They can’t avoid being addicted to the drug. And once they got the news that Tom Brady would be the cover athlete, they were gonna crazy. They will get a flatter wallet for the new version.

Tom Brady—A Legendary Quarterback
Tom Brady, originally named Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr, is an American football quarterback of New England Patriots of NFL.He together with another football star Harley is the first one in the history of American Football game to win 5 Super.  And he is the only one to win them all as a quarterback. That is pretty cool and maybe also the reason why that many American football fans admire him most.

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