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Tips of Effective Defense in Madden NFL 17

Madden NFL 17 developed by EA Sports has been improved a lot to a large extent not only on the fun of the game but also in the respect of its realistic characteristics. It is typical of EA Sports to pursue real ball games in its virtual form. At the same time, it became difficult for those green hands lacking of high technique due to the game full of contingency. Today this essay want to share with you some general strategies of defense to help you with the victory of MUT. There just list 3 types for your quick understanding. Wish you could be the best defenders on the all platforms such as PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Run Defense
As we all know, defense is as significant as attack in the American football matches. Usually perfect defense is able to lead the nearly failed team to victory. In Madden NFL 17, a common quarterback is a simple but useful distribution of footballers to prevent from the attack of offenders. First, you need to spread the linebackers of opponents. Then you need to adjust your outside corners to hard flats. Try to make full use of the advantages of the QB.  Last, it is up to you whether to expand the defensive line to slant outside.Fill the gaps with members of your league and your offenders are doomed to fail.

Madden NFL 17-defense

This strategy is mainly designed for Head to Head mode. You need to win within a quite short time.And just 3 of you guys available is quite enough. One of you stand in the corner just move  back and forth and be ready to intercept the ball. You control yours yo zone the lineman on the left side of the screen. Then you three will bring pressure to the right side of the screen.

Linear Defense
Linear defense is the most often used defensive method in the Ultimate Team. The distance between two members of defensive sides needs to be almost the same. And you need to communicate with each other and have a general understanding of other member’s ability. So it will help you to choose a proper position. Furthermore all of you are supposed to take your own effect in the line.So this will bring great pressure to the attacking sides.

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