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The new physics engine in MUT 15 has change the play style

In this guide I will talk about ways that you can make the most money and coins on Madden Ultimate team with the least effort. I will also talk about Ultimate team, tips for playing, and things that will give you the best chance of success when playing Madden's Ultimate Team. Before I get started let me say that if you want me to write any specific Madden guides feel free to ask in the comments below. Also I do have many other Madden NFL 15 guides on here so check those out on here as well. I also will be playing more games and posting the games on YouTube, so if you enjoy my video below subscribe on there so that you will stay up to date with everything I do. The new physics engine in Madden NFL 15 Ultimate team will change the play style of the players within ultimate team. This was a brand new feature last year, and this year was another update with many improvements. To be honest I am disappointed so far with this because of how over powered the running has become. Returning a kick off ( if done right ) will always take you to at east the 40 yard line, if not a touch down. This is kind of crazy, because once you learn the tricks you can essentially do this each time, and it cannot be stopped. This is also the same for run plays. If you have a decent HB or FB and choose to do run plays, you will essentially be able to get 5-10 yards each play until the defense does a full blitz, or sets up directly for the run.
A new halftime show has been added to this year's game and it's a great addition and definitely adds to the realism but it too feels limited. Madden NFL 15 does so much to immerse you in the NFL experience but it stops short all to often. Why not show the scores from around the league? If I'm in a chase for the post season, it'd be really cool to keep an eye on the other games in my division but instead it feels like I'm the only game going on in the league and I have to wait for the game to finish to see how other games played out. On most fronts, Madden NFL 15 is a gorgeous game when played on new-gen hardware. Player jerseys crease realistically, and the game's lighting engine looks especially tasty when you see the sun set over a stadium or reflect off of a shiny helmet. Character details are a mixed bag, however. New York Jets coach Rex Ryan looks strikingly like his real-life counterpart, but Giants coach Tom Coughlin looks like he was whipped up in a poor character-creation mode. Seeing digitized versions of veteran NFL announcers Jim Nantz and Phil Simms is a nice touch, but their character models straddle the line between creepy and cool.

The Madden series' "War in the Trenches" feature has been upgraded to version 2.0. The new version of the tug of war between the offensive and defensive lines has been enhanced with new pass rush mechanics and anxious, "pre-play fidgets" on both sides of the ball. The Power Pass Rush feature moves from the right stick of controllers to the X and Square buttons, granting players more control in breaking though block and getting after the ball. The A and X buttons now allow user controlled players to finesse their way through and around the quarterback's protection.
Players will immediately notice the improvements to the game’s visuals and presentation. Player models are detailed and realistic–gone is the over-padded, overly shiny video game look. Animations are fluid and smooth, with movement and hits as lifelike as ever. Coach models are also vastly improved, and coaches even look good while standing on the sidelines. There are also some small issues with animation, and players can sometimes move their limbs in weird ways, but that’s to be expected given the impressive array of ways in which they can interact. Less successful are the reactions that those on the field have to the important moments of a play, because their faces sometimes move in unnatural ways and the expressions seem more like of real world moments than reproductions.
Madden NFL 15 then is somewhat of an anomaly in the sport game genre in that it is justified in its existence. The revised skills trainer makes it a perfect entry level game for us on the other side of the pond who are interested in the NFL but need help in the concept and rules department of the game. The graphics of 15 make it look worthy of being on next gen consoles and the improvements in the defence part of the game would warrant a purchase from the hard-core fan. So, whilst I may not start buying every version of Madden NFL from now on, I shall be spending a good deal of time with this one.