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The Last Step of your Competition in Madden NFL Championship Series:Madden Championship

In the whole season of Madden NFL Championship Series of Madden NFL 17this year, players are allowed to take part in four major EA events exposed to Xbox one and PS4, including Classic, Bowl, Challenge and Championship respectively held on December,2016, February, April and May, 2017. It is up to you to choose one or all of them. The reward is pretty tempting. Whether you are one of the players or not, the event is worth attention.

Madden NFL !7 Championship

The Approaching Madden NFL Championship

Recently, the date of Madden NFL 17 has been determined. It is about to be held on the 12th day of May and lasts for 2 days. By now, EA has published its reward for Xbox one’s player. The bonus for the first place player amounts to $100,000. And even the 5th to 8th players can earn money in the event.Of course, it has more things to do with money which symbolizes victory and honor. In addition to, it even means a career for some players.

Madden NFL Championship-Xbox one

The Way to Madden NFL Champions

The season saw three modes of Madden NFL 17:Head to Head,Draft Champions and MUT Salary Cap. Electronic events has its own standard set for its participators.Just like Olympic games which is hard for sportsman to be qualified to enter. Madden NFL Championship is also not easy for players to get involved in.You must earn your way into it through your grades made in the above three modes. So make a wise choice in building your team to help you behave better in the game.And sometimes, a professional players needs to be trained for a long time every day.

Look Forward to the Return of Top Players
Madden NFL series became prevailed in 1980s. It has cultivated a lot of fans as well as players expert in operations. The winners in Madden NFL 16 will make a return in Madden NFL 17. Especially those who are really keen on the game. They will seize every opportunity to play and try to play it better as hard as they can. So Madden NFL Championship will not only be a match but also a show for ordinary players or audience to watch.Let’s focus our attention on 12th ,May.
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