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The History of Madden Series Before Madden NFL 17 and the Reasons for Its Charm

Once upon a time, people just knew football or soccer until a new rule of the game was established because a player violated the original rules under emergency and this didn’t anger the audience but made them excited even. Thus a new game was born with the new regulations in order to distinguish it from soccer.It was named American Football. And National Football League also came into our sight. NFL gradually cultivated a large quantity of fans. So far-sighted EA Sports created Madden NFL series for you guys cannot be a real footballers on the pitch. Therefore you are allowed to enjoy yourself in the sports video game.

The Popular Madden NFL series
Madden NFL serves as one of the most important derivative products of NFL.It was irresistible to American Football fans. The Madden NFL series was an aged but popular video game . It has been prevailed since 1980s. And it was also put in the first place by EA Sports who also possessed many other series of video games. Every year it was updated first open for the platform of PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Its sale volume amounted to 0.11 billion up to now among which the North America accounted for 95 million.

Madden NFL Series

The Reasons for Its Popularity
First, it is closely linked to the reality.Players are entitled to hire some legendary football stars of the previous prominent league.All the members of the team consist of stars. In addition, you will lead them to take part in 16 post seasons and win the Super Bowl. It seems wonderful to be a leader of those famous stars and share with them your success.
Second, it always keeps up with time. Madden NFL 17 has made some innovative efforts. Except the single player mode it also support multiplayer mode. It was equipped with a totally new Live Events which enable players to focus on the real football affairs. And its most advanced Franchise Mode help you to be the center of the victory. Meanwhile its old UT Mode and Draft Champions were also a good choice if you get accustomed to the series or if you are first exposed to the game.

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