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The difference of presentation between Madden NFL 15 and previous iterations is very noticeable

EA Tiburon doesn’t just want you to enjoy Madden NFL 15 - the longtime developers of the only NFL game in town want you to feel as though you know exactly what you’re doing. In fact, following a flashy introductory sequence where you play as the Carolina Panthers mounting a late comeback against the Seattle Seahawks, Madden NFL 15 dumps you right into the tutorials section, effectively setting the tone for how the game works with the player to help them understand how to become better at the game. With last year’s PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases, not much had changed from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. The feature set was the same, the game played very similarly despite using the new Ignite engine, and, most disappointingly, the graphics were nearly identical to last generation Maddens, making the “next-gen upgrade” feel like anything but. Thankfully, that is not the case with Madden NFL 15, as nearly every aspect of the game has received a considerable upgrade and the title feels like the first true next-gen NFL experience.
The new-gen version of Madden 25 released last year alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November. A shortened development cycle would be the perfect excuse for developers at EA Tiburon to pack it in this year, but Madden 15 builds on a solid foundation to create one of the most engaging football sims in modern gaming. After building a completely new Ignite engine for new-gen consoles, it makes sense that this year’s version of Madden favors improvement over rebuilding. Staples such as Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team and Connected Franchise return with minor enhancements, but there are smart upgrades to play-calling and defense. With star cornerback Richard Sherman on the cover, defense is a focal point, and the other side of the ball is finally engaging.

Been hard at work again and the whole presentation style of Madden NFL 15 is so close to what you see on television, passers-by may be mistaken in thinking you are watching a game rather than playing one. Each game starts with a pre-amble about star players in each team before heading down to the field. The half time highlights reel is also a very good touch where the best plays from the first half are shown and discussed. The difference in the presentation between Madden NFL 15 and previous iterations is very noticeable. Everything seems to have been polished up in order to get as true to life as possible. It’s not there yet, but it is a huge step in the right direction. While it's true the game gets it right more often than not, we can't help but feel that with all of the improvements to the visuals and presentation, Madden NFL 15 deserves better. As for the in-game action, Madden NFL 15 remains surprisingly accessible, despite an almost overwhelming reliance on stats, particularly during the marquee game modes. Recommendations take the pressure off choosing the right play, especially now that they're accompanied by explanations and previous success rates.
Head-to-Head seasons lets you compete across 10 games, with an eight team play-off for those who are left standing by the end. As you work your way through these games, you'll earn additional XP and the chance to unlock extra Madden cards, which you can add to your deck or trade amongst others. The rewards get even better as you proceed through the playoffs, and you might make it to the eighth round with your Ultimate squad. That is, if you can survive the onslaught of Madden pros waiting to eat you alive. It's vital that your team works together in a cohesive way. You'll want to fill every position and achieve impressive team Chemistry. This feature enables you to choose between four offensive and defensive styles, setting up players in certain spots to make sure they can execute properly. If something doesn't work, you'll need to shuffle your cards until you get them up and running again. Experimentation can go a long way – especially in Head-to-Head.
Every game is different, and there will just be some days where your usual plan stops working. Maybe you usually run to the right, and you have to start running left... Maybe your deep passes keep being deflected and you have to start calling button hooks or drags... Maybe your all-star starting quarterback is having a bad day and it's time to test your bench. Whatever the situation, if you find yourself losing (or simply not playing effectively), do not be afraid to change something up. Your best weapon here is your own brain. You need to know what your common tactics are, and when those tactics are failing. Once you recognize the problem, change it somehow, no matter how subtle the change is. You might be surprised to find a different hole in the defense. And besides, if the defense is consistently beating you with a given play (especially one controlled by a human player), they'll rely on their normal tactics, which you'll eventually be able to exploit. If nothing else, try calling similar plays in different formations, and you'll at least throw your opponent for a loop.