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The commentary in Madden NFL 15 has always been an issue for most fans

Unlike last year, Madden 15 is more challenging all around. The defensive side of the ball has indeed been fortified, but the ability to play the game overall has been heightened: it's simply harder to play against a defense and harder to defend and offense. This is due to the game's clear-cut performance: cuts are cleaner, trench interaction is more detailed and refined, and what-would-be-considered "natural player interaction," like stepping to avoid a teammate's leg, allows the gamer to think less about the little things and more about the full play at hand. That way, fewer mishaps take place that cause plays to be unnaturally executed or stopped, such as a "suck-in" block or teammate-induced trip. Collectively, this allows the player to know exactly what's taking place and more clearly identify what good or bad choices were made on each and every play. Granted, not all things are perfect, as I on many occasions was either the beneficiary of or the recipient of what I would call sliding tackles, where the tackler would be able to dive for a tackle about three body lengths away and still make the tackle, even if the ball carrier is running away from the tackler.
The presentation enhancements that the Madden NFL 15 has received is the proverbial shot in the arm here as well, from pregame to the final whistle, you will be impressed with how Madden NFL 15 looks and sounds. It is officially the first “next generation” Madden title that will wow onlookers. Beginning with a whole new package of camera angles helmed by NFL cinematographer, each game looks varied and unique from one game to the next. Player models have also received a dramatic improvement including faces, bodies, uniforms, and even field degradation. While not every NFL player has been scanned, most of the notable stars have been and the overall effect it has on the visuals is immediately noticeable. Imagine what the future brings when they all are accurately captured.

Another new big data-related play calling feature in Madden NFL 15 is Community Picks. EA Sports samples Madden NFL 15 games that are played online and suggests what is effective in the Madden NFL community in a given situation. It was hard to really get a feel for how valuable this feature is in my testing, as I was playing the game pre-release. I can, however, see how when there really are millions of games to be sampled there could be a lot of value in this. After running a play you can also see how you compare to the community. For example, I ran curl flats for 10 yards, whereas the community averages 8 yards on the play. 
The fans sound has improved mind you. Likewise Jim Nantz and Phil Simms provide a few more one-liners but otherwise it still sounds like more of the same old. This is not to say that it sounds bad but I feel more could have been done is all. I like what EA Sports has managed to accomplish with Madden NFL 15. Improved player models, upgrades in the defensive game and enhancements to the fan favorite Connected Franchise and Madden Ultimate Team modes makes for a game NFL fans can get excited for all over again. There is no question the franchise has taken a significant leap this year moving closer to a more authentic, true to life game. There remains room for improvement and I certainly experienced a few let-downs with Madden 15; however, this is hands down the best Madden game to date. And let’s just say the future remains bright for the franchise. 
The commentary in Madden NFL 15 has always been an issue for most fans of the series and this year is no exception in fact, it could be the worst it's been in the history of the franchise. Jim Nantz and Phil Sims return and call each game with the fervor of a explaining the sport to a kindergarden class. There's little small talk here between the two and they just rattle off random lines that sometimes pertain to the action on the field and are more often than not seemingly pulled out of thin air. Eddy Lacy had rushed for over 100 yards by the half of one game and they were talking about how the ground game just "wasn't working for me" wait, what? I seriously also heard them say "This is a great win for that one team" after a game once. Really? That one team? Be ready to turn off commentary and hope for a change in the booth next year.
New animations have been added to turn up the pressure of the pocket, as defenders in Madden 15 can place heat under the soles of quarterbacks as the pass rushers claw their way into crumbling protection. The new "Off the Line" feature brings a new timing element to the pass rush. Properly launching a pass rush in sync with the snap of the ball gives defenders an edge in plays, while misfires result in being a step slow or early -- and being early will trigger a shower of yellow flags.