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The Attitudes of Tom Brady Towards the Invitation To Grace the Cover of Madden NFL 18

Football is one of the most common sport events in America. The essence of American Football lies in cooperation among teammates and confrontation between players flesh to flesh. Football is to Americans what soccer is to English. Derived from the sports, Madden NFL series have a long history and are widely accepted among American people. Recently, we found that there was a brief introduction of Madden NFL 18 on the official site of EA Sports. And it also points out the exactly unveiling date. You will have a full understanding of Madden NFL 18 on 10th, June presented on EA Play. The focus here today is Tom Brady, a quarterback of New England Patriots also known as Terrific Tom. He has been invited to be the celebrity endorser. Let’s see Tom’s attitudes and give some explanations of EA Sports’ invitation.

Tom Brady: It Is a Challenge
In 2017 Super Bowl, Tom Brady was invited to be the protagonist of the Intel advertisement at a price of 5 million dollars per second. It is a huge amount of advertisement fee. This time he was even invited to grace the cover on PS4 Madden NFL 18. Most of his fans expressed their worries of him. As for himself, he has showed his love for NFL series. What’s more, he lived in San Francisco Bay Area where is just near to the headquarters of EA. He has thought highly of Madden NFL and regarded it as a challenge to grace the cover. However, as a footballer involved in a lot of crucial matches he enjoys challenges.

Madden NFL 18-Tom Brady PS4

Explanations of the Invitation
One of the most obvious reasons for the invitation is that EA attaches great importance to the social influence of Tom Brady. 4 times MVP and 5 times champion of Super Bowl, Tom Brady is described as the greatest quarterback in the history of NFL. In his professional career, he has enjoyed almost all the glory whenever he is exposed to it. Another reason is that it caters to players' interest. In the previous times, almost every cover athlete of Madden NFL failed to sustain their legend. So what about Tom? It will arouse great concern among players within or without the game. So that is the point.
 Madden NFL 18-Tom Brady and Super Bowl

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