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Madden NFL 17 --- TOP 5 free safeties

The free security device usually times the last line of defense. The following is the top frees afeties of Madden NFL 17.
Matthew is one of the fastest game security devices. It is reported that his 96 man coverage let him far and own the best secure place in the game. You can see, with his help you can be ahead in one to one against your opponent.
Smith will be the second powerful force with 92 hit power. Utilize him in the box to run the game's support. He is a hit from a changing play of the game.
As the best Comeback Player of the year, Eric Berry is one of the best in the league. His unique skills can make him do all of the chiefs. And his 91 speed is top of the first 5 free safeties.
As the heart and soul of Seahawks secondary, Thomas will continue to be the driving force behind the success of the Seahawks. His deep half capacity in the field of roaming allowed the rest of defense to short routes to release him, making the big play in the secondary.
Jenkins is a new to the elite free safeties on this list, but he is well deserved. In 2015 Jenkins had a career year, and he was in the two dimension to allow him to play in the box for urgent need of operational support for the eagle.
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