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Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team has always been a money generating machine

Confidence is a new mechanic in this year’s Madden NFL 15, and is based around the individual players. Athletes that are very confident are going to see improvements to key stats, while players who are feeling a bit shaky could see some dramatic drops. Confidence can be helped by spending a bit more time with them before each Madden NFL 15 game, but there seems to be a ton of factors. Tight end Mercedes Lewis was cut by the Jaguars resulting in a drop, and after being picked up by the Patriots he saw an even bigger drop since he didn’t understand the playbook. We’ve seen rookies get a big boost by being told they’re getting the starting gig and veterans take a hit after seeing one of their buddies get traded.
On the defensive side of the ball, things have transformed completely via the ability to lock on to one player by pushing in the left stick. Doing so spins the view around 180 degrees, and means you can at long last see the field with the same clarity as when you’re on offense. It makes both tracking down the ball carrier or monitoring a receiver far less cumbersome than in previous years. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s easier. Improved intelligence means, for instance, that wide receivers use their feet properly to pull in catches seemingly headed out of bounds, so there are still plenty of challenges to relish while you’re on ‘D’. For those who’ve stuck with the series for 26 years, that’s where the real thrill is to be found.

Connected Careers has once again returned, except with a name change. Newly dubbed Connected Franchise, the mode has pretty much the same features. Here, you can take on the aspect of a player, coach, or owner and build upon your own legacy or continue with current personnel or past legends. However, the mode doesn’t quite have the same feel as old franchise modes, and weeding through the extras can be time-consuming. It is nice to see there’s a multiplayer option to play locally, though. And don't forget never-say-never moments. Playing through those is a great way to remember some of the classic games from last season.  While there’s sometimes a little too much information to process as a play clock is ticking down, the addition of play metrics is a good thing. It’s the sort of teaching tool that the series has long needed more of. The emphasis on creating a noob-friendly experience makes it easier for players new and old alike to dip their toes into marquee modes like Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team and Connected Franchise, both of which are deep enough to come off as intimidating at first glance. Even with those, EA Tiburon took steps this year to further streamline the experience in a way that’s friendly to non-veterans.
Which is not to say that it doesn't have its strong points. Following the lovely opening sequence (win or lose, it's up to you), Madden NFL 15 flows neatly into its tutorial-like skill challenges, which were first introduced in Madden 25. It's an approach that's meant to be friendly and accessible to newcomers, teaching them how to understand and beat opposing defenses via the skill challenges and ultimately have fun playing virtual football. And wouldn't you know it, it actually works.  Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team (MUT 15) prior to this year has always been a money generating machine, and this year is no different. However, what Madden NFL 15 does right is give players reasons to come back and keep playing without spending a scad of cash. The single player events are more organized and engrossing, and each week yields a new challenge relative to the previous week's Madden NFL 15 games or special complimentary players to add to the gamer's roster. All in all, this is a hearty compliment to this year's more consistent servers.
Vastly improved defensive gameplay is on display in Madden NFL 15. You can jump the snap by pressing R2 at precisely the moment when the ball is snapped. This gives you an upper hand when pass rushing, so you can try out the new power and finesse moves that help you shed blocks and make tackles in the backfield. You'll see a prompt over a player's head when power or finesse moves are available; you can turn prompts off after you master the timing. Two new and welcome features aid defensive players. First is the ability to steer an offensive lineman to clog a running lane or knock him off balance while playing defensive line. Second, you can push down on the left thumb stick to rotate the camera for a better view. The latter really helps you size up an offense.