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How to Immediately Improve Your Offense in Madden NFL 15 Gameplay

Madden NFL 15 is available, and EA Sports’ latest effort gives armchair quarterbacks the opportunity to dominate the field and score points with their favorite teams. We already made recommendations when it comes to getting started, namely with the top-ranking football teams. Now it's time to put them to work with key offensive tips. 
Some things have been tweaked in Madden NFL 15 when it comes to offense this year, so be sure to use these tips to your advantage when driving the ball down the field. Otherwise, you'll face a fourth-and-long in NFL 15, and no one wants to see odds like that. Run or Pass? Let’s assume for a second that all your guys are equal in strength. The basic theory of which type of play to choose is related to three questions: what down is it; how far is it to get a first down; and what’s the score. Read the defense. Make sure that the play you’ve selected in NFL 15 is appropriate for the defensive formation. If you’ve chosen a deep pass, but the defense has two safeties and has backed off coverage with only three defensive lineman, then call an audible and change to a run. Being able to read the defense is key to success on higher difficulties in NFL 15 , and adjusting on the fly will keep opponents guessing and unable to keep up with receivers.
Learn to Recognize Man Coverage vs. Zone Coverage: Man coverage puts one corner-back on one receiver, while zone coverage has defensive backs (and sometimes members of the front seven) guarding a certain portion of the field in NFL 15. Learning to recognize them before the snap is crucial to succeeding on offense in Madden NFL 15. A handy way to tell if a team is in zone coverage is to check your matchup indicator (accessed by holding L2/LT). If you don't see a matchup, then the opposing defense is either showing zone or a house blitz. Either way, adjust accordingly. 

There are a few tells in NFL 15, such as cornerbacks lining up off the receiver (zone), but smart defenses will disguise their coverage as much as possible. Thus, it’s usually best to put one player on the outside in a streak and watch them. If they zoom past the corner, then you can probably hit them for an easy completion on the sideline. If the corner bumps and follows them, then it’s best to look for your next option, usually an out route or another man coverage killer. 
If you’ve touched a Madden NFL 15 game in the last decade, you’ll know what to do. To pass, you still just press whichever button floats over your receiver’s head, and you’ll still use a combination of juke, spin, strafe and shoulder-charge commands to evade the defense when running the ball during playing Madden NFL 15. Once you dig deeper, you’ll call audibles, adjust your offensive and defensive lines on the fly and expand your offensive moveset with the precision modifier. Among Madden NFL 15's new gameplay refinements is the matchup stick, which shows how defenders stack up to receivers before the snap, allowing you to exploit your opponent's weak spots. The game's play-calling menu is now neater and more informative. Instead of merely suggesting plays, it explains why those plays are solid strategic choices. The game also recommends plays based on choices made by Madden gamers worldwide - a feature sure to evolve as more fans pick up the title.
While choosing a defensive play, in the lower left corner you can see how many wide receivers, running backs and tight ends are on the field. If the team has three or more wide receivers, they are more likely to run a passing play, equally, two running backs or tight ends could mean a run or short pass. Select a play according to the personnel you face at each turn as well as the down and yardage remaining.