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How to catch Cherry Blossom Petal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Cherry blossom is on all the trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but how do you get the petals to craft the outdoor picnic set?For almost the next two weeks it’s going to be Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the game’s equivalent of the Easter holidays.That means there’s lots of egg-themed items to find and craft but it’s not the only thing that’s changed since last month. All the non-fruit trees have sprouted cherry blossom a very important cultural event in Japan and the petals are used in some exclusive, time limited DIY recipes.

Cherry Blossom Petals can be found floating around the island similar to how butterflies will flutter around. They are small pink flower petals that look exactly like the ones that now populate the island's trees. However, players will only have a few moments to catch the Cherry Blossom before it disappears.

Again, similar to butterflies, players will need to equip a net and use it to catch the Cherry Blossom. This can be a bit tricky as players will only have a few attempts to catch the blossom before it is gone forever. Luckily, during the Cherry Blossom season, blossoms can be found quite frequently by running around the island. However, players will need quite a few to craft special seasonal items.

Catching blossoms is one thing, but obtaining recipes is another. At the start of Cherry Blossom season, players will be given a season Cherry Blossom recipe, a picnic set, by either Tom Nook or Isabella. This recipe requires 10 Cherry Blossoms which can be a bit difficult to collect but makes a great addition to any outdoor setup. And if you want to buy Animal Crossing Bells, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Additional recipes can be found around the island in multiple different ways, but can only be found during Cherry Blossom Season. Some villagers will give the player seasonal recipes if the player talks to them, and some will even give the player seasonal items. Seasonal recipes can also be found by shooting down balloon presents with a slingshot. They can also be found inside bottles that can be found on the shoreline.

These recipes can only be found during Cherry Blossom season but can be used outside of Cherry Blossom season if the player has Cherry Blossoms. It may be a good idea for players to stock up and catch them whenever they are floating by. All of the seasonal recipes require Cherry Blossoms to craft and most of them only require Cherry Blossoms. However, the recipes can call for a large number of blossoms so again, it might be a good idea to stock up before Cherry Blossom Season ends.