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How to bring your World of Warcraft Classic character to a different realm

Blizzard announced to release a new feature on both the US and European realms, paid transfers for WOW Classic servers. In the latest patch 1.13.3 notes, Blizzard explained the transfer, allowing the players to transfer their character to a different server within their region, and the service currently costs for $ 25.

The World of Warcraft Classic character transfer process is pretty simple. All you have to do is visit the Shop found on the character select screen. From there, there should be a choice for a paid character transfer. Yes, you will have to pay for a character transfer with real money. Specifically, you will need $25 if you are in the US. There are a few limitations that Blizzard details, which are listed below:

    Each transfer has a 90 day (3 months) cooldown.
    The amount of gold you can transfer varies for certain level ranges.
    Characters can’t transfer from a PvE to PvP realms. RP realm characters can’t transfer to RPPVP realms.

Probably the most notable limitation here is how much gold you can carry over with you to another realm when you transfer. Blizzard also details specifically what those limitations are:

    Level 1-30: Up to 100 gold
    Level 31-50. Up to 500 gold
    Level 51-60. Up to 2000 gold

The World of Warcraft Classic character transfer service may take up to 24 hours to complete. If you do try to log in before it is complete, your character may lock until it is fully transferred. So, make sure you have something else to play for at least a day. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Vanilla WOW Gold For Sale.

You cannot transfer a character from one Blizzard account to another. This may be frustrating, but as someone who has gotten their account stolen a couple of times, I understand why you can’t just transfer characters from one account to another. As such, you will only be able to transfer a character to different realms. This may have been more useful when World of Warcraft Classic initially launched back in August, considering the number of realms were being filled. But, better late than never I suppose.