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How about Madden 18 Career Mode the Longshot?

Madden NFL 18 is totally be like its title madden now for its new added career mode, the Longshot and Madden Ultimate Team are entirely two separate games in nature, but be bound together to sell. If you are football fan but haven’t joint the world best football simulation video game, you mustn’t miss this time’s masterpiece. Longshot has become the top discussion since its publish. We’d like to share some of the most popular topics and tactic instructions for you, in case of our loyal followers can strike first to gain the initiative.
Longshot is saved, whatsoever by the quiet moments of introspection and friendship. It soars when its characters speak honestly about their love of the sport, and it nails the sense that football offers something bigger--a connection to a community, and a way to achieve greatness. Longshot's numerous recalls to life memories in high school and college show a relatable and deeply troubled character; the commentators for Wade's high school games kittle the players. And Wade, Cruise, and the whole state championship winner are treated as heroes in their town for years afterwards.

The body types brought a second glance from the moment I turned on Madden NFL 18. Players still look a bit rigid and can run into each other while walking around between plays, but each position and body type is well represented, which is more than previous Maddens can say. And while it’s a smaller touch, stadium and uniform detail have really stuck out to me. The pop from the Seahawks’ lime green and the Buccaneers’ orange is a highly appreciated detail.
Madden 18 is as formidable as ever if you're a rookie for the game. It is a great way to learn about football aside from the pitch, but it has a rather thick layer of jargon to get through. The story opens with them on a road trip to a regional combine to try out for the Madden, then morphs into a reality show named you guessed it. Longshot, the ensuing story plays out through a series of dialogue choices, mini games, and later on, actual football games, with familiar faces like Chad Johnson and Dan Marino popping in to serve as mentors.

Designed by Mike and Adrian, two childhood friends from St. Louis, Longshot is the biggest departure from Madden’s regular routine of career mode and online multi-player ultimate team hot in past decade. Narratively, Longshot is an uncomplicated story of redemption, and structurally, it’s very easy to play, based on quick-time cutscenes and interactive dialogue opts that are nearly impossible to fail. Longshot has three final endings, may be another hidden result, that guarantee some pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Let me put it another way, you’ll feel a sense of vaguely familiar creeping in after a dozen or so downs. The football is as fun and fanatic as it ever was but the game, annoyingly after the successes of Longshot, drags its feet over wanting to add anything new and innovative to spice up last year’s American football action.
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