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Gameplay is the major focus of the new patch of NFL 17

This year in May, the cover figures of NFL 17 (Madden NFL 17) have been published,  this upcoming year sale new series of NFL 17 will show several different changes and characteristics to the players. From many aspects, we can find that the changes in NFL 17 this year is similar with FIFA 17. They all changed the game in more aspects such as operation and game experience. And in the game mode, NFL 17 has also some changes. Weekly Updates with Madden Ultimate Team. Every game of the series of NFL in the past owned a core, such as the core of  NFL15 is defense. EA has suggested, NFL 17 for Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions will contain three parts: offense, defense and speccial teams.
Fans are satisfied with the new features. Each NFL series has a core, for example, the core of NFL 15 is the defense. And the core of NFL 17 maybe defense. And this time, IGN gives NBA 2K17 high assessment of 8.9. IGN awarded Madden 17 an 8.6/10. They praised the improved franchise mode and defense, but was disappointed in the game's commentary. Every game has glitches so we have waited the release of NFL 17 pitch. The list of fixes for Madden NFL 17 is substantial and there are notable changes that players will find on the list of fixes.
When it comes to sports games, the little things matter. Small tweaks to gameplay really affect the way  we play the game. In this patch for Madden NFL 17 , a lot of focus was put on gameplay. Things like tuning how often you see receivers drop wide open passes, a glitch for stripping the ball and tuning the positioning on streak plays for wide receivers and defensive backs are little things that dedicated players of Madden notice and care about. Fixing those “variety special teams issues” are very important for close games also.
In this update, draft picks were changed, quarterback regression was tuned and fatigue was adjusted for Play The Moments parts of your game. While things like showing punter stats are not as important, your quarterback getting hurt while kneeling the ball is extremely important for players of Franchise mode. Hopefully, EA Sports continues to make Franchise mode a priority in the future because the publisher is raising the bar.