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Few ways to get Madden NFL 15 coins EASILY, QUICKLY, SAFELY

There are thousands of posts either asking about making coins or sharing advice. Unfortunately much of this solid information gets lost due to a lack of organization. My goal with this guide is to create one, easy to use, resource containing as much information on this topic as possible. Keep in mind that this guide is intentionally beginner-friendly, so much of this will be common sense if you have been playing for a while. Also, all of these concepts apply to big spenders.
For everyone to enjoy Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) as intended, the game must maintain a level playing field, a healthy Auction House and a gameplay environment with equal opportunity for all. Coin Sellers ruin that experience by creating imbalances in competition, market prices, and earning rewards. What is Madden Ultimate Team? Madden Ultimate Team refers to possibly the most popular game mode on the Madden franchise. This is where you can build a team of players from all different teams, including legendary players, elite players, rookie players, and each week fantasy players who played well during the week. Once you build your team you can play against online competition, a friends team, do solo challenges, and complete collections to get special bonuses.
By far the easiest way to make Madden Ultimate Team Coins is keeping your binder under control. Whether you spend money or not, your binder will start to fill up over time. Items in your binder do not have any impact on the field, so in nearly all cases you want to sell everything you’re not using.

Run the Ball. Even if you are not great at running the ball, and do not know all the tricks.. Running the ball here and there throws off the defense, and allows for short completions. Before the start of a play, look for a weakness in the defense, and know where you are going to run. Also learning the different spins, and how to use the truck stick will improve your running abilities significantly. As I said before, running the ball throws off the defense, and if the defense sets up a zone play thinking you are passing, getting 8-10 yards is fairly easy. I do not suggest using runs when it is 3rd down and you have more than 5 yards.
There are adjustments spread throughout the game's various modes and features, though most of these are minor in nature. Connected franchise still lets you create a player, coach or owner of your own design, and only two of those options are actually fun (sorry owner mode, you're still the worst). The big change to the mode this year is player confidence. At the top of each in-game week, you'll have the option to put your players through a series of pre-game exercises designed to boost a specific player, or an entire team's confidence. 
These are mostly non-playable exercises (though there are some in-game practice options available too), but there is a tangible benefit to doing them. Players with greater confidence tend to play above their stat ratings, while those lacking in confidence will more easily bottom out in arduous situations. This is essentially a play on the old hot/cold streak stuff from older games, but now you have a bit more control over it. This is nothing earth-shattering, but I think it's a nice way to handle the kinds of intangible swings inherent to professional football. I just wish it weren't the only big addition this year, because apart from some tweaks to the XP upgrading system for players (which finally make that feature feel useful), little else has changed for the better. When you are playing madden following my tips, will give you a little better advantage. As I said I have been writing these guides for Madden since Madden 12, and have been playing the Madden games since the early 2000’s. So I have picked up on tips along the way, and have learned my way around the field.