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Everlasting Moments of Madden 18 Ultimate Team

Due to the closed chasing of 2K games and Konami’s expanding in the sports video game market, EA Sports starts their renew project this autumn - except for NHL 18, all EA games now powered by Frostbite engine on PS4 and Xbox One platform now.

Career mode has been long an exclusive content or a tutorial for FIFA series, but this time EA has copy and paste it for Madden series. If you want to have a casual and free-to-win football gameplay in this game, now your dream come true. The Longshot is the new story mode of Madden NFL 18, depicted a young American football player’s legendary career in National Football League matches. The story begins at his bedroom in an abnormal morning when he receiving a call from league. The ending needs you to complete. Different with traditional franchise mode and Ultimate Mode, Longshot is an entire offline mode, it has its own timeline and transfer rules. The most notable feature for it maybe fairness, in which you can’t use your real-life money. Maybe a disappoints for some cash players on contrary.

Although the controlling of Madden NFL 17 was decent enough, EA sports seems doesn’t satisfied with it and they even further enhanced it sorta this time. It’s a good change but perhaps a bad news for gamers who has get familiar with this franchise’s constant style already, in other words, no matter rookies or veterans, they have to practice for mastering this game once again.
As for practice, there’re overhauled A.I. system here, that can help you get through the “beginning stage” of this game. Players somehow complained about the clumsy and intractable and EA Sports finally made it possible. Now not only opponent AI but also your ladder player AI will also be able to read your intention and co-operate with you in offense, defense, or off-ball running. Don’t be too surprise, FIFA series had did it long ago.
Players now can take charge of the defensive players on the field as the Defense Captain, with the exception of the quarterback and any kickers. You'll import your defensive players and defensive playbook to make up the rest of your MUT Squads team, and you'll have the responsibility of calling defensive plays and timeouts while on defense.

When you're taking charge of your receivers, make sure to stick to your lane, and if you separate your concentration then you may lose control, so make sure it's in a straight line, so your quarterback can place the ball within your grasp much more easier.
The defensive Coaching Adjustments in Madden 18 are generally more varied than the offensive. Not only they determine how players react to the ball, they also determine how your players react to the opposition players. For instance, when your opponent performs a Read Option action, would you rather instruct your defender go for the running back, or sit steady and wait to see if the quarterback snatch the ball?
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